You Can’t Make This Stuff Up–Theresa Caputo

I read this as a joke. I bought it for my dad for Christmas because he used to watch Long Island Medium all the time and got a real kick out of Theresa.

For those of you who don’t know, Theresa communicates with passed over loved ones through someone she calls “Spirit” and relays messages from the dead to people who really need it.

Now, to some people this stuff is all wibbly wobbly cuckoo bananas stuff, and if you thought I was sane, you’re about to be disappointed if you don’t believe in this stuff because:

I do.

I believe that some people have this gift, I believe that Theresa does, I believe that even I can communicate with the dead.

Now before you’re like “Allison is literally deranged.” Hear me out.

I may not be an all powerful psychic magician wizard seer, I’m not even mildly powerful, but I have felt when a handful of family members have died. And immediately blocked this gift because ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s super scary and insanely overwhelming.

But it’s also kind of cool. Except if you’re a chicken. (Like me.)

With my great grandmother (and namesake, Ignazia, it’s my middle name. Don’t make fun of me or she’ll haunt you.) I was working one day and felt like something was wrong, something didn’t feel right in my soul. And then 6pm rolls around and I couldn’t breathe. I’m not talking hyperventilating, I’m talking I stopped breathing altogether and then my heart stopped. It was like hanging in limbo. Then all of a sudden it was over, I was breathing again and my heart pounded back a ‘Hello!” I told my friend that I was convinced my Nonna Nancy just died because of it. (That and she was the oldest person I knew, so it would only seem logical that I would peg her for the person who died.)

I got home, and my mom told me the sad news.

Then when my Zia died I had been having dreams all week that my Nonno was dying. (It was his sister.) I read up that if you are having dream of that person dying it means that someone close to them is about to pass. The night/early morning she passed away, I was awoken by the literal feeling of those defibrillator paddles shocking me and slamming me back down into my bed to restart my heart. Naturally, I bolted upright and thought “Someone in my family just died.”

I have a handful more examples, but these were the ones that really hit home.

Now, as I read this book I was thinking it was going to be a joke, but it actually touched on a lot of things that I think people needed to hear.

Stuff about loving yourself, forgiving yourself and others, and to let go. It also taught about seeing the signs from your loved ones and to know that they are there, they are watching over us and lending a hand when really needed.

It was an interesting and surprising book considering the source and that it had Theresa written all over it.

Overall, I think that if you have lost a loved one you should probably read this because it’ll help. I mean, nothing will ever heal that wound, but this will at least let you know that you are not alone. And I think that’s important.

KMF, Constant vigilance!


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