Happy New Year 

Happy New Year Puny Humans! I hope you all had a wonderful holidays season and are now ready for some seriously serious and awesome posts from yours truly. As always I have grand plans for the New Year. Starting with my Etsy store and ending with….well whatever happens at the end of 2016. DerangedLibrarian 

This week I went through the ever arduous task of updating my store and posting new things for the general publics enjoyment. Annoying because I’ve been working on my mothers iPad instead of my laptop because technology is currently rejecting me. So much so that I’ve even dropped my phone in the toilet this week. That’s never happened to me. And in the last six months I have broken the screen twice. And I haven’t had this phone for a year. Go figure. I miss indestructible flip phones. 

Anyway. Besides that I have been fighting bronchitis (Hello getting this for the third year running.) while also turning 29 on December 19th and deciding that I don’t want to enter my 30s the same way I entered my 20s. 

Alone. Barely there confidence. Hating my body while eating a poutine at the same time. 

Which brings me not to my New Years Resolutions but to my Birthday Fire Starter.  

This year I will help my body instead of hinder it. I will treat myself with love and respect. I will put myself out there in the dating world somehow at some point. I will keep my promises. Stop making excuses. Put in the time, work, and effort to things close to my heart. I will essentially set my life on fire. 

I will also read more and watch tv less. 

True story. 


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