More Happy Than Not–Adam Silvera


First off let me tell you why I haven’t written since the month began. I’ll keep it brief though: Snow days keep happening which leave no time for me to write during the day. Laptop broke. And I hate typing on the borrow iPad from my mother. Ta-da! But hey. Here we are and this book is ‘More Happy Than Not’.

This book was in my second OwlCrate delivery! And this book…THIS book. Oh my. It was so well written, such a beautiful story, and I loved what was happening, where it was heading, and what happened in the end.

Everyone needs to read this book because it was just so great. So great that I actually lent it to my sister in Vancouver because while I hate lending out my books now, this book needs to be read by one and all.
The book is about a boy named Aaron who is working through his fathers suicide and contemplating his own. He has the support of his mother and brother (to live I mean), but things aren’t going so well. His girlfriend is helping him and although she’s doing all she can, he finds solace in a new friend, Thomas, and no one is enjoying that he’s ditching everyone for him lately. Thomas just gets him though.

It’s a great book, and I refuse to tell you more than that but you NEED to read this.

So lovely.

Constant vigilance.


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