The Walking Dead-Robert Kirkman

I am a long time fan of The Walking Dead show, and yet I had only read the first three comics and then immediately forgot to keep going. Which is usually the case when I get over excited about another book and also needing to take a break from a series.

These were so fast paced that they genuinely surprised me even though I knew most of the plot. I had been going off past knowledge of the show when I went into these and a small recollection of what I had already read early on. But still, it caught me off guard.

Everything got crazy real fast. And it was like a bizarro world of ‘Wtf is happening?!” because some of the plot was definitely different from the show. (It would have to be.)

I did not care for Carol in the book. Which took me by surprise because I love love love her in the show.

And then just strange things were askew that it was hard to wrap my head around. (Hello Carol wanting to marry both Rick and Lori. What. Just whut.)

I can’t wait to read the next compendium because shit got crazy.

Definitely a good book, and the artwork was phenomenal in the beginning. Got a little mediocre near the end where I was like “Wait, who is that supposed to be??? Is that Laurie?? But it looks like Carol. But it also looks like Andrea.”

I was really glad when Maggie cut her hair.

Hope your Monday is starting out lovely.

Constant vigilance.


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