You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)–Felicia Day

I feel like I read a bunch of books all in a row that made me feel better as a human being. That made me want to TRY harder as a human being. And that made me realize that I am becoming my best self even if I’m scared to death half the time about never amounting to anything.

Felicia Day has anxiety and certain things become very addictive for her as well. (IE. She was addicted to World of Warcraft for three years and did little else. Hello Sims.)

This book made me feel so good about feeling like the Fraud Police are always after me if I do something good or productive for my future and suddenly I’m hit with that overwhelming feeling of ‘I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. Let’s go ease this anxiety by avoiding all things productive and essential.’

She did it too. And she managed to overcome it enough that she can live the life she wants.

I met her in the summer at the signing for this book and she’s just as lovely and sweet as you imagine she will be. She also told me she really likes my hair. (Which was nice since I thought it looked like garbage that day and I had just recently chopped it all off.)

Anyway, if you are feeling like you don’t belong, trying to get your act together, or just want to be embraced by the words of Felicia Day, this is for you.

I will probably read it every couple of years just to help me better understand myself and move forward.


Not the best representation of my hair that day. But who cares. I met a hero.

Constant vigilance.

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