Rose Harbor In Bloom–Debbie Macomber

As if I’m posting my summer reads still. What a lazy dink I can be! haha Ah whatever.

My summer reads are usually dumb dumb books with zero substantial plot, characters, and don’t need much in the way of concentration or brain power to get through.

This was all of those things.

Obviously a romance novel, it was about a woman who lost her husband and opened up a B and B. And it went just as you would expect. Lovely, romance, people denying feelings, a little mystery in there, and overall a running of a B and B while getting over the heartache of a death.

Debbie Macomber isn’t my go-to romance writer, but she’s decent enough that I’ve gone around a couple of times in her made up worlds.

This was another book from the 26 BooksWithBringingUpBurns challenge. #9: A Book With a Colour in the Title.

I obviously didn’t read all the books in order since that was impossible.

Constant vigilance…I guess I’m not being very constant, consistent, OR vigilant these days.

My bad.



Miles to Go–Miley Cyrus

This needs some explanation as to why on Earth I would read something like this.

For the past two years I’ve been participating in a book challenge called ’26 Books With Bringing Up Burns’. It’s helping me get through my shelves, read books I wouldn’t think to read, and overall expanding my genre selection.

Now. You’re probably thinking “Why the hell did you have this book in the first place’ ????

Four words: Thrift store. One dollar.

Also, sick curiosity.

What was Miley like before she became this new version of Miley. Well, there’s a reason no one should let 15-16 year olds write their biographies. Not that nothing interesting happened to Miley, sure, she was a goody two shoes once upon a time, and it was nice to hear just how much she loves her family and read a little on her Hannah Montana lifestyle.

But it was obviously very juvenile and not a completely honest book. (How could it be when she was still immersed in all that and not allowed to do much besides that? Don’t bite the hand that feeds, right?)

So where did this book land on my reading list? ‘#22 A Book With Pictures” There were plenty of these to go around, and she made lists of tons of things no one cares about but the person writing the list, and she even added in how heartbroken she was when her ‘Prince Charming’ broke up with her. And refused to call him anything but that.

Girl, we know you were talking about Nick Jonas.

Overall, only terrible because it was muffled writing from a 15 year old brain. And I would absolutely read a book that was written by her again because I’m sure that a tell-all from 20-odd year old Miley would be way more interesting now.

Constant vigilance sets you up for some weird stuff.