Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?–Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. She’s my Patronus. And that voice that sits at the side of my brain like a peanut gallery.

She’s the person that makes me stand up for myself, say what I’m thinking, and generally acts as the beacon for being the weirdo that I am. She stands alongside Felicia Day like two lighthouses calling out to the Sea of Strange, beckoning my little tugboat safely to shore.

If you ever feel down, or like the world just doesn’t get you, you don’t have worry.

She’s got you.

She has all the same worries and concerns that we do. Hell, she’s just like me in that she’s made a beautiful writing space, and then immediately goes and lays down in her bed to do so.

I’m so glad that people like Mindy, and Felicia, and Amanda Palmer, are in the world and outspoken and present for all the people who have felt like they never fit in, or were left behind, or that what they want to do with their lives seemed too out there to others.

Reading Mindy’s book was like being embraced with a word hug when I really needed it.
Constant vigilance!

(#20 A Book ‘Everyone’ But You Has Read #26BooksWithBringingUpBurns2015)

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