Hawksley Burns For Isadora–Hawksley Workman

This has been on my shelf for so long it became a staple on the shelf of books to be displayed.

…But I had never read it. Shortest book on the planet and I’ve never read it! And I love Hawksley Workman (great Canadian musician if you’re ever looking!). Everything he does is so interesting and wonderful, and this did not disappoint!

Short, sweet, and artistically lyrical and stunning. This book of poems had me daydreaming of falling in love with mermaids and wishing that I was once again sitting in the front row of one of his concerts or one man musicals. (Which if it ever comes around again ‘The God That Comes’ is so incredibly cool to watch and listen to.)

I just adore him.

Here’s some music to listen to while you work. (Or not, he curses and talks about humping a lot.)

(#15 A Book of Poems 26BooksWithBringingUpBurns 2015)

Constant vigilance.


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