KMF: Spring Awakening

Hello Sports fans!

Today is a cleansing day. The rain is coming, the warmth is here, and there are flowers sprouting in my cousins lawn everywhere. (Which I’m sure actually drives her nuts, but hey. Her lawn is purple and that’s okay with me.)

These last few days have been a lesson in patience and taking care of myself as well as other people. A lesson in kindness and anger management.

And not even handling my own. Other peoples as well.

Today I’m shedding all the stress from the last week and starting new, letting the rain wash away it all.

Man I sound like a hippy dippy ding dong. I think it’s because I’m wearing a peasant shirt and burgundy pants.

Even so, I hope you’ll join me in using spring to wake up!

I’ve been better about taking care of my body, and now I’m trying to get better at taking care of my mind and spirit.

Constant vigilance after all.

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