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I don’t normally post things about my Etsy store on here (besides saying I have one.) BUT this is the one year anniversary of my ‘Whiskey’ cross stitch. So I wanted to be grateful that people have bought things from my store, that I can mail out dirty and funny and lovely cross stitches to people all around the world because of Etsy and just yay yay yay for finding one of my figs!!! (I’ll explain later.)

SO! For the one year anniversary we are having a 15% off sale! (By ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ because I’m the only person who makes things for the store. I’m cool like that. A goddamn one woman enterprise.)

You just have to type in WHISKEY for the 15% off on anything you like and thank you to the universe for such a great thing in my life. (Sale ends June 1st!)

DerangedLibrarian for the cross stitch heaven of your dreams! haha


I’ll explain the fig tree next week.

Happy Thursday!

Constant vigilance.

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