That Time I Tried

…to give up caffeine.



I give up giving up.


This week has been weird and short and long and brutal and yes.

Yesterday I made the dumb decision to give up drinking Iced Capps for various reasons (sugar addiction, teeth staining, blah blah blah) but I’ve since decided ‘screw that’ since I was the angriest bear on the planet and I had an extra kid here and what a terrible time to make that decision.

I will try again, but for the sake of the toddlers, I will try again on a day that makes sense.

That way I won’t have my little buddy look at me and say “I’m sorry for making you angry.” It wasn’t you Booboo. It’s never you. (Which I said to him.) I said ‘Alli needs a coffee, she’s tired and a grumpy bear.” and he asked if he could get me one.

When a toddler offers to get you a drink you have problems.




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