Happy Fall

Hello Everybody!

I’m back from a summer of absolute chaos and fun!

As always here is the update on what has been going on with me and my pet monsters this summer:

We went to African Lion Safari, it was a blast, kids really enjoy the destructiveness of monkeys, we had two fun birthdays where we created things (the girl monster turned 10! WHAT! I’m so old.) and had a good time. I’ve had an absurd amount of vacation time that I used to see friends and family and do things like a Bob Ross day with my best friend, paint mugs with my lady best friend, countless swim dates, a mini-vacation with my little sister, beach time, and finally a wine “tour” where my immediate family throws a tour around our town to other family members houses and feeds us random food from the country of our choice and wine.

It’s been an amazing summer but I’m sooooo glad that fall is here. Cousins are going back to school which means I get toddler Daryl all to myself once again and I can start prepping him for going to school next year. (I’m going to be crying a lot this year. It’s okay to cry the alphabet right?)

In a bid to better myself I have also started to work out more (yeah yeah, same old same old) but I have just started to do yoga as I’ve found Youtubers who aren’t annoying or breathy as fuck when doing it. I’m actually enjoying it! Unless you count the times where I’m just face down on the ground and lifting up my legs. I really hate that part. I get why they do it, but really? Even by myself it feels shaming. Which is weird. But whatever.

Starting tomorrow things will be back to where they were before the summer, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with certain things and leave other things behind (I’m talking to you shorts. I’m so sick of shorts it’s actually ridiculous. I just want jeans. And boots. And leather jackets. Even though I don’t own a leather jacket.)

Okay, enough enough, I’ll see you tomorrow for our first ‘True Story Tuesday’ in a long time!


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