Black Beauty–Anna Sewell

This might seem like an odd choice for me since I’m not a 9 year old girl with a horse obsession.

And if you ARE…don’t read this book kid. You’ll cry yourself to sleep.

I read books to my little cousin so he falls asleep at nap time to something magical.

My voice. Haha.

I like to read things in a soothing tone so he zonks out feeling safe and warm as we snuggle up.

I’m also trying to trick him into a love of books that his family members don’t 100% have. I’ve partially tricked the older boy with Percy Jackson books, I’ve mildly hooked the girl with A Series of Unfortunate Events (and some Roald Dahl), and I’ve been reading to Sir Toddlesworth since I started here. So hopefully it’ll stick.

Anyway…this book was the devil.

I totally thought that Black Beauty was all about horses and the girl that is featured on the cover. About their love and friendship. It was not about that. It was about this horses life and how miserable as hell it was. From beatings, to starvation, to everything in between that you would hate to hear happened to a horse: it was in this book.

This is not a children’s book and whoever tells you it is is a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling.

I had to cut out things, censor what I said to the kid, and it was because there were drunks, there was tragic deaths, accidental deaths, and worst of all: A horses death.

I’m not into reading about animals dying. People, sure. It happens. But animals are magical and wonderful and nothing bad should happen to them ever because they are pure wild spirits and nothing should hurt them.

This book also taught me that humans are the worst.

Don’t read this. Don’t let anyone you know read this.


6 thoughts on “Black Beauty–Anna Sewell

    1. I remember having the movie, but I don’t remember watching it much. I just remember that feeling of ‘I think I didn’t like this’…so why I picked this book up I don’t know haha

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