The Store

Oh hey there!

Been awhile since a proper posting! As you may have gathered from my poignant artistic posts on Instagram every weekend (haw haw) I’m insanely busy with orders for my shop on Etsy.

Yay me!

Which means that I’ve dropped  a few things in the meantime so I can sit still, cross stitch like mad, and then inevitably drive myself crazy because all I’m doing is sitting and sewing and watching whatever peaks my interest on Netflix.

Hello “A Different World”, I forgot how much I love 80s tv. But not really. I wish they had more retro tv on there.

Feels weird to say “retro” when I grew up with that show!

Anyway, I will be returning to writing and whatnot hopefully soon, I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to find me on Etsy just type in my store name: DerangedLibrarian 🙂

Keep moving forward!


The Dollhouse–The Kardashians

Judge me if you will but I have a sick curiosity about books written not just by celebrities but collaborations. How do three people write a novel?

A better question would be: How much did these three women really contribute to this book? I’m betting there was a great deal of work done by a fourth woman on this.

Although I could totally see Khloe writing a book on her own. And Kourtney seems pretty put together business-wise and like she would just randomly be like ‘I’m going to write a book’. I guess the only one I don’t really believe did this is Kim. And that’s not because I think she’s dumb or anything like that, I actually think she’s quite clever and has a good head for business. (Yes, I am a Kardashian supporter, even if I’ve stopped watching the show.) I just don’t think she’s interested in writing.

That being said, I was, as always with books like this, surprised that I enjoyed even a quarter of it.

The book is based on the three girls lives, but they have made up characters for them. Naturally all with K names. But they are all working for their mother in a family owned restaurant, one who gets fame sooner than the others, one that gets pregnant out of nowhere, and the third who happens to like to make out with her step brother.

It was surreal. It was odd. But it wasn’t terrible.

Given that the writing likely belonged to someone else it was fairly good in that it had a lot of drama and frivolity without being completely over the top and idiotic.

And while I don’t see a sequel ever coming, it wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read. It actually made me laugh. Like, a real laugh. Not a sarcastic one.

Good summer read for sure.

Konstant vigilance. (See what I did there?)