Happy New Year!

Hello Sports fans!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years, and if you’re anything like me that means you cleaned your room and watched lame movies.

I never go out for New years for several reasons:

1) I’m usually snowed in. I live in a small town that seems to constantly be at the vortex of snowstorms. Even if a place is 15 minutes away, I can’t seem to find my way out of town! Brutal.

2) I spend A LOT of time with humans over the month of December. Between my birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, and having the “time off” from working I usually try to see a handful of friends in the process. Which leaves me wanting to be alone. Nothing shameful about it, I’m an ambivert but after so many days and weekends in a row of peopling, I need to be alone. So I usually do that New Years since my friends are all coupled up that night and it’s the perfect time to be quiet.

3) January is a hellstorm of family birthdays. I figure in at least 8? Two of which are my Nonno’s and fathers, where I make apple turnovers for my Nonno and have to attend at least two parties. Then there’s February where it’s the same deal. And March. And April. Good god. Why do I know so many people??? Haha

Anyway, genuinely needed some self-care this holiday season (as I’ve been forced to realize via throwing my neck out and falling asleep in the bathtub for half an hour yesterday.) and hope you guys got to that as well.

Personally, I’m excited for this week to be over as well so that everything goes back to normal and I can sort out some stuff for my business and make some new and exciting cross stitches and venture into a whole other part of my business.

Also, regarding resolutions, I’ve decided that each month I will set a goal (As I did last year and it worked out okay instead of putting all the pressure on the first month!). This month has several goals as it’s the first and they all go hand in hand to start up the next few months.

  1. I will not weigh myself this month. I don’t want to start out my New Year obsessing about my weight. It’s tedious.
  2. I will not diet this month. And maybe not next month either. I’m so sick of “being on a diet”. Even if I don’t follow it it’s starting to bug me that I’ve basically been on a diet since I was 12.
  3. I’m joining a squat challenge. I want to improve not lose my ass.
  4. I won’t go to Tim Hortons for a month. So far so good. I have a serious addiction to their sugary drinks and donuts. Time to stop it.
  5. I will read more. I’ve been stuck on the same book for three months, which is not like me, but I’ve always been insanely busy.
  6. I will practice piano more. What the hell is the point of paying for lessons if I never practice and never move forward?
  7. Improve my business.
  8. Be kinder.


There you have it. Keep moving forward!


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