Full House–Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes

I need you to not judge me about these books.

Well, actually, no I don’t. I found them enjoyable and light and fun. Great summer books, shenanigan type plot, and romance thrown in.

My favourite kind of book!

So the start of this series is written about Billie Pearce, a single, divorced, mother of two, and a polo instructor Nicholas Kaharchek. Billie lets Nicks cousin DeeDee live with her while her kids are away for the summer, and all hell breaks loose.

It was funny and silly and just the kind of thing you need when you are day drinking at the cottage and warm in the sunshine and don’t want too heavy of a plot dragging you down.

That’s my favourite thing about Janet Evanovich books, they are clever while still being readable, and have adventure and thrills without being dragged down by clinical terms or police driven plots, and have romances that feel like that’s how they would actually happen, not the kind where they are running towards each other on a beach. (If that ever did happen you better believe that one of them trips and gets a face full of sand.)

Good old fashioned fun books.


2 thoughts on “Full House–Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes

  1. I will look for this one! I am in the middle of The Bone Tree by Greg Iles – the second in his trilogy and I should’ve waited till winter. All three are 800 pages, even though they are well-written and very good, they are sooo LOOOOONG for a summer read.

    • Woof! That sounds like a serious undertaking!!! I once had to take a year “off” of reading other books so I could read the Game of Thrones series. On my GoodReads stats you can tell because it goes from like Allison read 80 books this year to Allison read 30 odd books, and then when you switch it to how many pages I’ve read in the year the bar graph goes bananas hahaha

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