Year End

Hello little ducks!

What a year it has been! I’ve gone through a lot of changes from hair, to jobs, to plans for the future.

My shop did okay this year, my friendships were great and fulfilling, my house is still my favourite place on this planet.

I did a bookclub nearly every month. (You can still join, it’s at @derangedbookclub on Instagram.) And this coming year I’m hoping to do the same, maybe a little less because I have a big announcement:

I’m going back to school. In January I will be embarking on a journey to fulfill a childhood dream that I kept circling back to every once in awhile and will finally make a reality.

The plan is to finish school and become a Librarian Technician. Ie. A librarian.

After all these years, I’m going legit.

It’s time.

Stay tuned for more. (Especially sine I really let this whole thing go by the wayside and I’m hoping to be more productive about all the cookie jars I have my hands in.)

Constant vigilance!