The Deranged Librarian is all about reading. Duh. I’m a fanatic and never leave the house without a book. I’m literary obsessed and enjoy giving my opinions on books.

This is all about my adventures with books! It’s kind of a love story.

It’s personal opinion, definitely not meant to hurt the feelings or upset any other writers, readers, or book fanatics. I have a horrible memory and this is actually helping me keep track of what I liked or didn’t like.

I just want to guide people to books I think they’ll like or hate themselves. So if you want a personalized reading list let me know! I will happily send one along of the best of the best. (Leave the following information: What other books or movies are you into? -What type of reading level you are looking for? (Light, heavy, brain crusher) And anything else that you think would be pertinent to an amazing reading list!)

I’ll be posting every Monday and Tuesday my book of the week or simply an apology on Wednesday for not posting because I was doing something strange. And I’m starting a special Friday posting of favourite quotes from my books or current book that I’m reading, I hope you enjoy them.

Tell me what you’re reading, as I always love to add more to my list!

A little about the person behind Deranged Librarian: I’m 27 years old, just moved back home to Ontario, and have a soft spot for food, Doctor Who, my pet rabbit Doomsday and my dogs, Artie and Dexter. And since we aren’t dating, that’s all you need to know!

Stick around for Book Hunting posts and odd ramblings about my life and loves. (Fictional and otherwise.)

Constant vigilance, Allison

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Ali, we are a perfect match. I would definitely be the crazy dog lady if I wasn’t married, on my days off the first thing I do is go to the thrift store and check the book section and there is always a book in my purse!

    1. Haha fantastic! It’s a serious compulsion now to go to the thrift store and raid their bookshelves. They are starting to recognize me! It’s wonderful though! Hope you enjoy the site! 🙂

  2. So I’ve been reading your blog with my WordPress app on my phone, and have just now clicked on it in FireFox. I had to tell you that it’s super pretty! I don’t get anything nice formatting on my phone, but damn is your blog beautiful on my computer! 😀

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