Knock Wood–Candice Bergen

Quite obviously I needed a Stephanie Plum break. Reading four books in a row was probably a bad idea, but I was in no mood for something other than hilarity.    Luckily, I’ve snapped out of it and can resume my love of other books. You’ve seen my Book Hunting pictures, and some excerpts fromContinue reading “Knock Wood–Candice Bergen”


Here’s my recently rediscovered heroine Candice Bergen: “But, to my own surprise, I wasn’t much interested in marriage right then: my life was just beginning, not ending; I found I wasn’t ready to “live happily ever after.” Because once you find your prince, the story’s over. I had a lot to do first–places to go,Continue reading “FYI”

Then Again–Diane Keaton

You read my apology to Diane Keaton so you know that I had a shameful experience with this book. …That’s sounds dirty, but you know what I’m talking about.             Anyway, this book was really well written, I like her style of writing and I can almost hear her actual voice in my head asContinue reading “Then Again–Diane Keaton”

Tough Sh*t–Kevin Smith

I love me some Silent Bob. I like hearing about his life, he’s a very odd wordsmith. A conversational wizard if you will. I think that’s because he writes like he’s actually talking to another human being in the room. And he makes you feel like YOU are that other human being. It’s interesting. HeContinue reading “Tough Sh*t–Kevin Smith”

My Apology To Diane Keaton

Something weird happened last night. I was reading along, minding my own business, when out of nowhere a fact came up in the book. I’m reading Diane Keaton’s biography about her and her mother (Then Again) so this isn’t supposed to be a surprise that there are facts in there. The weird part isn’t theContinue reading “My Apology To Diane Keaton”

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft–Stephen King

I want to make babies with this book. This book is perfection!!! Normally Stephen King scares the hell out of me, so I avoid his books. But this is, obviously, not one of those books. It’s about his experience with writing and what he thinks you should take into consideration for your own writing. He’sContinue reading “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft–Stephen King”

I Drink for A Reason–David Cross

You would recognize this author as Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. I’ve seen this book around my house a million times and considered picking it up every time I looked at it. My sister loved it, but she moved and it was one of the ‘Left Behinds’ that haunted our house. (I actually think sheContinue reading “I Drink for A Reason–David Cross”

A Girl Walks into a Bar–Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch is one of my favourite Saturday Night Live ladies. Maybe because she played Harry Potter and it induced sidesplitting laughter from me. Or maybe because she’s just plain old hilarious no matter what she does. I was a little worried that this book wasn’t going to be very good since compared to TinaContinue reading “A Girl Walks into a Bar–Rachel Dratch”