Neon Angel–Cherie Currie

I LOVE CHERIE!!! For those who don’t know her, she was the lead singer of The Runaways. Yeah yeah yeah, that movie about Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Blah blah blah. NO. The movie was based on this book and this book was based on Cherie’s life. And by based, I mean it’s an autobiography.Continue reading “Neon Angel–Cherie Currie”

Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business–Sonny West

This is obviously about Elvis and his life with Sonny West, one of his best friends and a member of the Memphis Mafia. I loved each and every second of this book, but I also have a big geek-on for Elvis and anything to do with him, so I WOULD nerd out about it. IContinue reading “Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business–Sonny West”

Life’s That Way–Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver started writing nightly emails to his family and friends when him and his wife, Cecily Adams, were learning and going through her lung cancer diagnosis. Eventually this turned into more than 4000 people reading his email nightly. This book is a memoir of the turmoil and pain they went through the year itContinue reading “Life’s That Way–Jim Beaver”