Summers Read Part 2

I’m backed up. Not…not in the bowel department. I don’t know why I feel like I needed to clarify that when you’ll see in a minute that I mean book reviews.

Either way. Here we are.

In The Woods–Tana French

This book was total trickery. 

In that I didn’t realize it was a series. I only read the first one, but now I need to read the rest to find out what the shit happened. 

This is about how kids were in the playing in the back woods in a Dublin suburb in 1984, and they only found one kid.

A parents worse nightmare. Two kids went missing and one was found covered in blood gripping a tree trunk and unable to remember what happened. 

20 years later the boy is a detective and he’s on the case of a 12 year old girl who was murdered in the same woods his friends went missing. 

He uncovers piece by piece what happened not just to the girl, but to his friends. 

Sort of. I remember being like ‘Wait WHAT.’ When it ended because it wasn’t finished and then I looked it up online and found out that it was part of a series. 

And then not committing to find the others and never solving the mystery. 

Not like me. 

But oh well. Someday i’ll finish that series because after rereading its synopsis I’m intrigued again! 

…Actually upon reflection that totally is like me. I stopped reading Game of Thrones three books in, I stopped reading Outlander after two books, I even stopped reading those Sweep books and had to return to them to finish them. 

My best friend is laughing at my previous statement of “Not like me.” haha. (She gets all the texts when I pick the series back up of “Hey…who’s dead and what happened???” 

Her memory is better then mine. 

Anywho: This book was interesting, maybe if I stumble upon the second book somewhere I’ll get back to it and solve that dang mystery!


Weird Sisters–Eleanor Brown

This book was very enjoyable. Reminded me of me and my sisters. Only in that we are weird and so different from each other, and yet so similar. Really, if one of us didn’t have a sense of humour our family dynamics would be VERY different. 

Instead of making each other laugh, someone would’ve been stabbed a long time ago. 

Anyway, this book is about three sisters who find themselves back at home to help with their ailing mother. Their dad named them after three of Shakespeares leading ladies and only really speaks to them in verse. 

Which I would find infuriating, but also fun. I love Shakespeare. But I would’ve slapped my dad. 

Good book, well written, interesting story. Definitely read it. 


I Know I Am, But What Are You?–Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is (was, maybe?) the Most Senior Correspondent on the The Daily Show (In the Jon Stewart era) and is pretty damn funny.

This was a good summer book. Clever, well spoken, and had fun stories in there but not overwhelmingly political or heavy. But she also didn’t dumb anything down. It was lovely. 

I liked reading about her life and where she ended up. Despite the fact that people have always flashed her at weird intervals in her life. 


Book Hunting

Today I wrangled my mom and little sister into going to a giant book sale in Elora, it wasn’t really hard since they were also very excited about it. I came home with a whopping 31 books! For 33 dollars. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Thank you to my best friend who told me about this sale that happens every year because now we are marking it on our calendars as a ‘Must Do’ every year! Not that we “need” more books, but just that we effin’ love a good bargain especially when it comes to our collections.

Thank you Elora for my new stack of Agatha Christies! I will be having a great mysterious summer!

Here’s what I grabbed:

Frankenstein–Mary Shelley, The Taking–Dean Koontz, Dolores Clairborne–Stephen King, The Pilot’s Wife–Anite Shreve, In The Woods–Tana French, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?–Edward Albee, Three Gothic Novels (which I think I already have a copy), The Burning Wire–Jeffery Deaver, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes–Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Leaven of Malice–Robertson Davies, Dubliners–Jame Joyce, Girl with Green Eyes–Edna O’Brien, Mrs. Dalloway–Virginia Woolf, Grave Secrets–Kathy Reichs (I know I know, masochist!), Big Girl Panties–Stephanie Evanovich, and Agatha Christies: The Secret of Chimneys, The Man in the Brown Suit, The Secret Adversary, Taken at the Flood, The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, The Boomerang Clue, Third Girl, At Bertram’s Hotel, The Body in the Library, Hallowe’en Party, The Pale Horse, They Came to Baghdad, and the Adventure of the Christmas Pudding. Not to mention Great Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Madame De Pompadour–Nancy Mitford and Doctor Zhivago–Boris Pasternak.

Ton of fun! Can’t wait for next year! I better get reading!!!

IMG_3257 IMG_3267

The Secret Life of Bees–Sue Monk Kidd


This book was so lovely it made me less terrified of bees. So much so that when I found a bee at work one day instead of trying to kill it, I caught it in a glass and set it free outside. I’ve never done that before. I always just assumed that would piss a bee off and it would come back inside to sting me.

I’ve been stung by bees at least 3 times when I was a kid, all in a traumatic way.

Once when I was in the playground just minding my own beeswax (har har) and I thought I saw a bee fly onto my palm, my hand was facing outward as I was walking/dancing. So, like any right minded child, I wanted to look at the bee but knew that it would sting me so I slow as could be, turned my hand to face me.

It stung me like a jerk and I cried to my second grade teacher who promptly put mud on it and got the stinger out.

The next time was at bible camp and we were having a campfire. It literally flew at my face in attack mode even though I really wasn’t doing anything. My best friend Alina sounded the alarms and the counselors brought me into the kitchen and we iced my upper lip that had swollen quite a bit.

So you can see where I have a distinct dislike of bees.

This book however is about a little girl whose mother is dead, her father physically abuses her, and she’s trying to protect her maid from herself as she is an outspoken black woman in the middle of the south in a time where that wasn’t so easy.

She has a penchant for spilling her tobacco spit on racists’ shoes and they wind up in a whole mess. Mainly, jail.

Lily and Rosaleen run away to a beekeeping farm in search of her mothers’ secrets and a safe place to stay.

Everything about this book is lovely, beautifully written, wonderful characters, and in general just a great story.

I recommend it to everyone from kids to adults.

Mama Gots Beef

*Insert aggravated growl*

      I’m annoyed with myself. I’m annoyed with my books. I’m annoyed with everything around me all the time. But today particularly, I’m annoyed with Vampires.

That’s right. I said it. I’m annooooooyed with vampires and the horror genre. I want to punch it in the face, stake it in the heart and watch it explode like the vamps on Trueblood. (Those are currently the only vampires I can stand btw. And that’s because Alexander is shirtless a lot. And amusing.)

     I’m reading ‘Jane Slayre’ a hardy har har horror book that’s entwined vampires and Jane Eyre. How clever. Not over done at all. Is there a bandwagon that I can get people off of when it comes to these things? Because I’ve got to say, I’m tired of vamps, tired of mixing classics with them and everything that it entails. I’m sure this book would be a great read if I hadn’t already read things like ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters’, ‘Dawn of the Dreadfuls’, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. I’ve been attempting to read this book for days, but I just can’t get into it.

   And the sad thing is it’s probably one of the better fused of all of these. I hate to ditch it since the last couple of books haven’t been right up my alley either, especially because I know that there is a book about the Opus Dei that I bought when I was going through my Dan Brown phase, next. Balls.

      I love supernatural books. I love the creativity that it takes to make something new and fresh with old news. But can we please stop for awhile with the vampires? It’d be nice to see some other supernatural creatures shine for awhile. And the sad thing is I really liked vamps for awhile until the entire world became all about them at such an intense level.

I blame Robert Pattinson. He’ll always be Cedric to me!!! Stupid Edward… 

    It’s time to get really creative people and come up with stories that don’t involve vampires. It’s time to move on. It’s time.

Constant vigilance.

Summer Book List

Summer is fast approaching (YAY!) and I figure you’re all looking for something to read (duh.). I have tons of lists of all the books I have read, loved, hated, what types they are, and at one point what was on my personal book list was (which I have recently surpassed. Another ‘YAY!’).

      What I have not given you is a list of what is on my personal summer reading list, and they look to be something fierce in the awesome department. Here we go with a solid starting point: 

1)Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris at my count from here I see 8 books there in the series. Short and sweet like her Sookie Stackhouse ones.

2)Elvis: My Best Man–George Klein

3)Sweet Liar–Jude Deveraux

4)Unbearable Lightness–Portia De Rossi

5)Stories for Late at Night–Alfred Hitchcock

6)Elixir–Hilary Duff  (don’t laugh at me, I heard it was good.)

7)London–A.N. Wilson

8)The Moon is Down–John Steinbeck

9)Jaws-Peter Benchley

10)My Booky Wook Two: This time it’s personal–Russell Brand

       Obviously there will be more, but I think 10 will suffice for now. Again, if you want me to build you a summer reading list than let me know! 😀 I’d be more than happy to do that.

 Is there anything you think I should be reading? What’s on your list this summer?

Me, Me, Me.

It’s hard to know what will be a good read without someone to guide you, sure everyone knows a few writers that they really enjoy, book series’ that they love and books that everyone raves about that are guaranteed to be a good time.

   But what about people like me who are reading books for other people? Well. Luckily I’m a freak of nature and have this down to a simple science.

          I judge books by their covers.

I also judge them by how they feel in my hands, if I don’t like the way they feel I won’t read them. It’s weird, I know, but if a book is difficult to hold, what are the odds I’ll read it? Slim.

   This is the problem with the book I’m reading now. It’s a great read actually, but I can’t seem to break the binding in a way that will stick. It’s lucky she’s one of my favourite authors I would skim it to be rid of it.

What are some other ways I figure out what books I like? Sounds dorky, but the Chapters wall they have at the back where their employees have their favourites. If it’s good enough for them to put up on a wall then it must be a great book. 

           Some books have truly awful covers but they are a diamond in the rough. Which is why I’m glad that the Sookie Stackhouse books had a great first cover and then went downhill or I wouldn’t have picked any of them up. More than half of my books on my shelves have great covers, which is why they are up there, they look pretty and it works with my decor.

 I’m shallow, I know, but hey, it has been working for me. There are some books however that have great covers and are truly awful books…

Arthur C. Clarke’s books for example. I love their covers, but I can’t stand to read anymore of them.

         I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes it’s good to judge a book by it’s cover, other times it’s not, duh. But the important thing is how a book feels in your hands. (Well, you know, besides the actual story.) If it feels good just to have it in your hands then it has to be a good read. It’s like you can feel the spirit of the book while holding it.

…. …I think I’ve lost my mind. But that’s okay. I’ll recover it soon to give you a list of my current summer reads.

Book List Update

I’ve already started reading The Scent of Jasmine–Jude Deveraux last night and it’s promising to be just as good of a read as her past books. Also over the past week a few new books have come out that I am excited to read and I’m disappointed that are at the bottom of my reading list. Charlaine Harris has a new Sookie Stackhouse book out called Dead Reckoning very excited to read that, I think I’ll bump it up the reading list for when Trueblood comes back on. 

   And Rick Riordan has a new book out called The Throne of Fire, it’s with his new series The Kane Chronicles.

I’m slowly but surely working my way through the second shelf of my reading list and proud to announce (humbly of course, lol) that I have read just a little over thirty books since January! Naturally, people are going to tell me I need a social life and whatnot, but you would find it easy to do this as well if you only had a part time and your dogs like to sleep during the day so they can harass you at night.

      Coming soon I’ll be making a Summer Reading button where you can find all my favourite summer reads and a few new ones that people have recommended to me.

What’s your favourite summer book?