Slaughterhouse-Five–Kurt Vonnegut

I’m notorious for not liking classics at this point, yes?  This one also joins the 3-star club.  I’m also notorious for just blindly walking into a book instead of reading the dust jacket.  Let me tell you what I thought this book was about. Based off the title alone I thought this was about fiveContinue reading “Slaughterhouse-Five–Kurt Vonnegut”

City of Thieves–David Benioff

My best friend is a dickhole. I pick him up from his house one day and he hands this book to me and says, “Read it, you’ll love it!” Naturally, when he says this to me I’m skeptical because the last book he told me to read was Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald.Continue reading “City of Thieves–David Benioff”

Lamb: Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal–Christopher Moore

Fuck this book.  I’m not saying this because it has likely been demeaned “blasphemous” a thousand times: I’m saying this because the ending was brutal. It’s no Spoiler Alert that Jesus dies, but the rest of what happened afterward was complete and utter horseshit!  In general I liked this book, it was quirky and funContinue reading “Lamb: Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal–Christopher Moore”

The Greenies–Myra Paperny

This book was a lovely surprise on my reading list! As you know, I have my books in order of how I want to read them on my book shelf so that I’m not overwhelmed with too much of the same writer, genre or too many heavy books in a row. (Literally heavy, I mean.Continue reading “The Greenies–Myra Paperny”

Monday Morning

After a weekend of trying to be handy and helpful (ie. Helping with Christmas-type things.) and failing because I’m a selfish person who likes her time alone and finds everything grating after doing it for more than a half hour in any store, I turned to reading as my solace. If you have me onContinue reading “Monday Morning”

The Inquisition–Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh

I love history. I especially enjoy it when there’s blood and mayhem. I’m a sick person, I know this. But it’s only because I can disassociate from it all that I can read about the nitty gritty that is the worlds stories. (Which is really bizarre because I just read a book about fake charactersContinue reading “The Inquisition–Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh”

London:A History–A.N. Wilson

When I was eighteen I went through a phase of buying books about the U.K. so I could brush up for my trip. I figured if I knew about the cities and everything I would be more fascinated by what was around me.    Like Oh! This is William Wallaces monument! (Found a picture ofContinue reading “London:A History–A.N. Wilson”