The Handmaid’s Tale–Margaret Atwood

*I’ll warn you before the spoiler comes*  This is the first Margaret Atwood book I’ve even read.  And damn dude. She came in hot!  This book was hella compelling! (And far more well written than that basic bitch statement I just used to describe it.)  As most of you know already this is a televisionContinue reading “The Handmaid’s Tale–Margaret Atwood”

Mr. Pip–Lloyd Jones

This. This book. Woof. This was a case of judging a book by it’s cover and then not getting what I thought. The cover is a fun looking mosaic of flowers, really colour popping look to it. The actual story is beautiful and colourful and genuine and heart breaking. Not to mention a fantastic story.Continue reading “Mr. Pip–Lloyd Jones”

The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing–Melissa Bank

This book was not what I expected. It was one of the books that I just happened to keep seeing everywhere and thought the title was intriguing and didn’t read the back of the book until I was finished reading the actual book. It was a complete surprise and a terrifically easy read (hello readingContinue reading “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing–Melissa Bank”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–J.K. Rowling

Were you under the impression that I would stop reviewing these? I laugh at your naïveté! I was reading this while being trapped in the land of Trainspotting, my brain was in shambles, my spirit was low and I couldn’t find a book in sight that could hold my attention for more than thirty seconds.Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–J.K. Rowling”

The Kite Runner–Khaled Hosseini

This book made me hate online dating. Now I know what you are thinking “What in the HELL does The Kite Runner have to do with online dating?”. Nothing. Nothing at all. There isn’t online dating in the book AT ALL. BUT, I was in one of my weird ‘Boohoo I don’t have a boyfriend’Continue reading “The Kite Runner–Khaled Hosseini”

A Complicated Kindness–Miriam Toews

I loved this book. It was so well written and beautiful and sad and just everything, you know? It immediately made me a fan of Miriam Toews and I’ve had it on my shelf for years because my sister had been telling me it was one of her favourite books and it reminded her ofContinue reading “A Complicated Kindness–Miriam Toews”

Book Hunting

Today I wrangled my mom and little sister into going to a giant book sale in Elora, it wasn’t really hard since they were also very excited about it. I came home with a whopping 31 books! For 33 dollars. Winner winner chicken dinner. Thank you to my best friend who told me about thisContinue reading “Book Hunting”

To Say a Little Word…

Here’s Hassan and Amir: “Hassan!” I called. “Come back with it!” He was already turning the street corner, his rubber boots kicking up snow. He stopped, turned. He cupped his hands around his mouth. “For you a thousand times over!” he said. Then he smiled his Hassan smiled and disappeared around the corner. –The KiteContinue reading “To Say a Little Word…”

The Secret Life of Bees–Sue Monk Kidd

–> This book was so lovely it made me less terrified of bees. So much so that when I found a bee at work one day instead of trying to kill it, I caught it in a glass and set it free outside. I’ve never done that before. I always just assumed that would pissContinue reading “The Secret Life of Bees–Sue Monk Kidd”