Through the Storm–Lynne Spears

You read that right. I read Britney Spears’ moms book. The funny thing about that is: 1) I could care less about anything Lynne Spears has to say. and 2) I found this book in a thrift store (surprise surprise) and found a ticket stub for a flight somewhere with a girls name on itContinue reading “Through the Storm–Lynne Spears”

Hallo Everabody!

It’s been awhile, but here’s what’s new on the site: (Please note, we’re not done making changes, but I missed writing to you so I came back early.) Obviously the look of the site is new(ish), my friend and collaborator is making us a fresh design for the future but for now we’ll stick withContinue reading “Hallo Everabody!”

To Say a Little Word…

Here’s Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Ne te quaesiveris extra.” “Man is his own star, and the soul that can Render an honest and perfect man, Command all light, all influence, all fate, Nothing to him falls early or too late. Our acts our angels are, or good or ill. Our fatal shadows that walk by usContinue reading “To Say a Little Word…”

Thrift Store Saga

Today was an odd duck of a day. I officially believe in curses and bad luck. And actually being able to feel the negative energy coming off of a person. The reason I believe all of is because of three things that happened today: 1)I met a guy that people literally walked away from afterContinue reading “Thrift Store Saga”

Blurt Alert

Dobby is freeeeeee!!!! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. *happy dance* This week was so lovely and cleansing! Admittedly, I cheated and looked at Facebook and texting because I’m planning a trip home and trying to coordinate with people so it made it difficult to cut it all out completely. BUT I think I bustedContinue reading “Blurt Alert”

Thrift Store Saga: My New Boyfriend

Guys, it’s no secret that my love life solely consists of the men in books. I love them, I want to marry them, and their counterparts on the silver screen. But yesterday I met someone. Someone so wonderful that I needed to share it with everyone. I need the world to know of this love.Continue reading “Thrift Store Saga: My New Boyfriend”

Thrift Store Saga: Canada Day Weekend

My life in this city is quickly turning from just hunting for books and reading them, to something so much more. I’m taking an acting/chakra class which is really making a big difference, at least to me. I’m seeing people differently, acting a little differently, and trying to clear away all the negativity that usuallyContinue reading “Thrift Store Saga: Canada Day Weekend”