The Tommyknockers–Stephen King

–> Literally: Scared my pants off. Figuratively: Stressed me out hardcore. Uh, scratch that, reverse it. This book was not as stress inducing as Misery, didn’t have me under the covers crying like a little bitch, but it DID freak me the hell out so much that I had nightmares. So I guess I’m stillContinue reading “The Tommyknockers–Stephen King”

The Host–Stephanie Meyers

How embarrassing. I just read my old review of this and I refer to ‘Twilight’ as brilliant writing. *Hangs head in shame. * I was in my super early twenties when I read it. So don’t judge me. The movies suck, but the books were good.(Also, I sometimes write in a British accent.)             THEContinue reading “The Host–Stephanie Meyers”

Four Past Midnight–Stephen King

Stephen King scares the beejesus out of me. Ever since I was sixteen years old and watched Dreamcatcher with my friends just his name alone invokes a serious shiver up my spine and the urge to hide under the blankets. This book is a series of novellas, one of which is the sole reason IContinue reading “Four Past Midnight–Stephen King”

Breathless–Dean Koontz

…What?!       This book left me angry and confused. Which has been happening a lot lately….maybe I need a lobotomy. Oh well, the plot of this was really random. There were four or five situations that were happening while this ‘Thing’ was going on. Animals started acting weird and stuff like that. Then all ofContinue reading “Breathless–Dean Koontz”

The Host–Stephanie Meyers

This book surprised me actually. I know that Stephanie Meyers is a world-renowned writer for the Twilight Legacy, but I really thought that she would be taking a break from brilliant writing and write a dud. But this lady managed to write a book that was even better than Twilight.One of my first science fictionContinue reading “The Host–Stephanie Meyers”