Tell No One–Harlan Coben

As you may have noticed I don’t write these directly after I read them anymore. I’m lazy. I write a bunch in one sitting and pretend like I was writing them all along. Which tends to lead me to forgetting what some of these books were actually about.  Now, I gave this book a 2Continue reading “Tell No One–Harlan Coben”

Summer Blowout–Claire Cook

How humiliating. My brain was broken when I was reading this. I needed a book that I labeled “dumb” in order to try to bust myself out of it.  Well. This book was dumb. Not in the ‘Foul Play’ Janet Evanovich so dumb it was funny, but in the ‘Yikes, I can’t believe I’m readingContinue reading “Summer Blowout–Claire Cook”

This Bums Me Out

Can you see what’s happening here? In my beloved Chapters, THIS is what is going on. This is what the world is coming to! Sure, Jersey Shore is kind of funny in a “OMG, look at those fantastic idiots!” kind of what, who doesn’t love some hillbilly action in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? IContinue reading “This Bums Me Out”

Revisiting Old Enemies

One of my old classmates and current followers (which makes me feel a little like Loki whenever I say something like that) showed me this blog that does a recap, chapter through chapter, of Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, if you were like me, and were tortured through the book you’ll think this is hystericalContinue reading “Revisiting Old Enemies”

Foul Play–Janet Evanovich

Holy super bad book Batman. Reading the back cover I should’ve expected it. But being Janet I thought I was in for something less corny and more…well written, I suppose. Well, a better plot at the very least. This was something that I would’ve written in high school to entertain myself in the middle ofContinue reading “Foul Play–Janet Evanovich”

Spider Bones–Kathy Reichs

Snoozer. Snoozefest. Snooze-attack. I get it. You know medical terms. You know policies and procedures for running a forensic crime lab. You’re a Smarty Pants McGee. I get it. On the other hand, B-ORING. The plot would’ve been so interesting and exciting if she just calmed the hell down on the policies and procedures ofContinue reading “Spider Bones–Kathy Reichs”