Big Little Lies–Liane Moriarty

Sometimes I give in and read popular books to see what the big fucking deal is.  “Gone Girl” is an example of this. I read that because I didn’t want the mystery ruined. But I did not like that book. I could not remotely relate to the characters or understand their motivations. It seemed far-fetched.  IContinue reading “Big Little Lies–Liane Moriarty”

Bonfire–Krysten Ritter

I had been anticipating this book on my shelf for sooooo long. I LOVE Krysten Ritter. I like every character she’s played, I follow her on Instagram and love that she’s a knitter and does that in between doing scenes for shows and movies.  I love her little weasel of a dog, Mikey. Did IContinue reading “Bonfire–Krysten Ritter”

Worlds of Ink and Shadow–Lena Coakley

I was having a really hard time reading anything for a very long time. (And if you noticed, also writing anything beyond “Good book. Must read. Gronk loves rock.”.)  But this book was so fucking fantastic.  It’s based off of the Bronte family and intersperses their real life history with an interesting notion of jumpingContinue reading “Worlds of Ink and Shadow–Lena Coakley”

The Dinner–Herman Koch

This book is about two brothers and their families. The two brothers and their wives gather for dinner in a fancy pants restaurant to discuss an issue that arises with their sons. The writing was good even though it was translated (kudos to whoever did that without making it sound stilted and odd) from DutchContinue reading “The Dinner–Herman Koch”

Book Hunting

Today I wrangled my mom and little sister into going to a giant book sale in Elora, it wasn’t really hard since they were also very excited about it. I came home with a whopping 31 books! For 33 dollars. Winner winner chicken dinner. Thank you to my best friend who told me about thisContinue reading “Book Hunting”

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo–Stieg Larsson

I had a problem with this book. Not that I didn’t like the writing or even the characters, my problem was that I just didn’t care. I wasn’t completely wrapped up into their world and excited to read this book once I got started. Everyone (and this happens a lot with books that people tellContinue reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo–Stieg Larsson”

Gone Girl–Gillian Flynn

SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT.  I’ve been hearing about this book forever it seems. Everyone was telling me how great and crazy it was and that I, of all people, needed to read it.  People seriously kept saying that: You, of all people, need to read it.  I’m assuming because I’m aContinue reading “Gone Girl–Gillian Flynn”

Tell No One–Harlan Coben

As you may have noticed I don’t write these directly after I read them anymore. I’m lazy. I write a bunch in one sitting and pretend like I was writing them all along. Which tends to lead me to forgetting what some of these books were actually about.  Now, I gave this book a 2Continue reading “Tell No One–Harlan Coben”

1st to Die–James Patterson

I use to watch this television show called Women’s Murder Club. I loved it, I loved Angie Harmon, she was amazing as Detective Lindsay Boxer and I just generally loved the whole vibe of the show. The premise being that four women from different sides of murder investigations get together and catch criminals. Who knewContinue reading “1st to Die–James Patterson”