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True Story Tuesday

This is one of the more important things I’ve learned throughout my life. I don’t want to do something: I just don’t fucking do it. I don’t fall for peer pressure. I don’t succumb to the whims of others. I just say “No thank…

Hello…It’s Me.

Hello! It’s been awhile since I intentionally wrote to y’all. I’m so excited for the things to come that I thought I would share with you things that are going on with me lately! Up first: I’m moving out of my parents house and…

True Story Tuesday

Miss Piggy is my spirit animal.

True Story Tuesday

I realize I’ve been fairly M.I.A. lately, but I’ve been working on some stuff for the store and working out more and generally living my life outside of the internet. My body and brain hurt, but it’s all for the better! Don’t worry about…

True Story Tuesday

It’s raining like a S.O.B. outside right now, here’s hoping a day indoors is exactly what I needed! Have a great day puny humans! Keep moving forward.

True Story

So I’ve been working out lately, okay, a lot of things have gotten in the way, but I’m trying to actively eat better and work out. Nevertheless this is so damn true. And also…just an excuse to look at Jason Momoa. Hahahahaha!

To Say a Little Word…

Given the current…well, news, politics around the world, etc, etc, I feel like Ron has the attitude I want about it. Fight the good fight, yeah? *shrugs*