Oh Hi. Let’s Catch Up.

The Long and Short of It Book Reviews: Hey everyone. It’s been awhile. Like a year or so. Whoops. So I’d like to just catch up on all my books from 2019. You read that right. I’m incredibly behind on these! But I thought I would update for my own sanity so when I thinkContinue reading “Oh Hi. Let’s Catch Up.”

Short and Sweet Reviews

Everything Everything—Nicole Yoon  Well.  Well.  Bloody hell.  Look, there might be spoilers in this review. Take it or leave it.  This book was amazing. I love a well written young adult novel that takes a hot minute to read and is a DAMN good story.  This book was about a girl with some sort ofContinue reading “Short and Sweet Reviews”

Something From the Nightside–Simon R. Green

My brother recommended this book. Which sometimes when my brother recommends things I’m like “What? You liked this?” And then he tells me it wasn’t his favourite but I would like it. And I’m like ‘Why would you recommend a book that WASN’T your favourite?’ and he’s all “I don’t know, it was a goodContinue reading “Something From the Nightside–Simon R. Green”

This is Me–Chrissy Metz

Classic. After I said I was going to write every day I immediately forgot and here we are four days later. But here we go. SPOILERS TO “THIS IS US” FIRST SEASON.  Now, I knew I was going to like this book immediately because I really like Chrissy Metz as a human. (Not that IContinue reading “This is Me–Chrissy Metz”

Deranged Book Club

Hey there sports fans! I just wanted to remind y’all that I have a book club on Instagram now! It’s called “DerangedBookClub” and you can follow what I’m currently reading and join in the Instagram Live at the end of each month to hear my thoughts “in person” and actually kind of talk to me!Continue reading “Deranged Book Club”

Oh Hey 2019.

Hey there sports fans! Happy New Year! …-ish? I’m late. I know. Do you remember me? It’s been two months since you’ve seen hide or hair of me on here! As expected after November all Hell broke loose. Christmas season is a busy one for me and I had a lot of stuff that neededContinue reading “Oh Hey 2019.”