The Dollhouse–The Kardashians

Judge me if you will but I have a sick curiosity about books written not just by celebrities but collaborations. How do three people write a novel? A better question would be: How much did these three women really contribute to this book? I’m betting there was a great deal of work done by aContinue reading “The Dollhouse–The Kardashians”

Happy Halloween!

Tonight I will be watching the “parade” of kids that come in to my moms house because she has a literal buffet for them to pick from, and try to contain my dogs anxiety while also watching something scary and pilfering Reese’s pieces with my little sister. Hope everyone had a safe weekend of partyingContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”

Esio Trot–Roald Dahl

I have major fucking beef with this book . Which is absurd considering it’s a kids book. But hear me out. This story is about a man, Mr Hoppy, who is in love with his downstairs neighbour, Mrs. Silver. They chat whenever they see each other on their balconies for brief moments. The man isContinue reading “Esio Trot–Roald Dahl”

Lumberjanes: Beward the Kitten Holy

My brother gave this to me for Christmas last year and while I’m not an avid reader of graphic novels (Besides The Walking Dead) I will definitely keep reading this series. It was funny and weird and my kind of strange and humour. It’s about a summer camp of misfit girls who are trying toContinue reading “Lumberjanes: Beward the Kitten Holy”