Odd Thomas-Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is about a twenty-something year old boy who can see the dead. Unfortunately the dead can’t talk. All he sees are imprints of their souls and he has to figure out why they are there and help get them to where they belong on the other side.

His girlfriend Stormy is among the group that helps him to solve murder cases and she is one of my favourite characters in any book I’ve read.

And again, my favourite beau makes a couple of appearances in this series as a ghost. Elvis was a prankster and even in death likes to goof around with Odd Thomas.

Loop me in odd one.

The Women of the Otherworld–Kelley Armstrong

I was first introduced to this series by my brother who thinks it is endlessly amusing. I have to agree with him.

This series is written by a fellow Canadian, and she is among my favourite authors. Kelley Armstrong has written the Women of the Otherworld series, and it’s a delightful new take on the supernatural world.

The first book “Bitten” starts out following the only female werewolf, Elena Michaels, as she tries to deal with becoming a werewolf and trying to fit in with normal people. She’s even dating a regular guy, but often needs to sneak out in the middle of the night in the big city of Toronto, in order to go for a run as her werewolf self.

Thankfully, she is needed in the supernatural world where you discover that she has a serious attachment to a hunky blond werewolf named Clay, who is adamantly trying to get back together with her.

This is a refreshing new take on the supernatural scene, and I think I like following werewolves more than I like reading about certain vampires. The rest of the series is about Elenas friends who also happen to be supernatural beings. Keep going and you’ll find that there are witches, wizards, vampires, and more werewolf fun to be had.

I recommend this to any girl who wants to read about women who kick men’s asses and don’t give a rats ass about looking good while doing it. Regular women with amazing abilities.

The Sookie Stackhouse Series

One of my favourite series is the Sookie Stackhouse novels’ by Charlaine Harris. I read them all a couple of summers ago and it only took me about a week. They are very good summer reads and you could take those light tiny books anywhere.

They are about a girl named Sookie Stackhouse who ends up falling for a vampire. No worries though, these vampires are not like the sparkly dudes from Twilight. These are rough and tough sexy vamps who can’t go out in the sunlight and turn into a disturbing goop-like substance if they do.

You probably know this series as the Trueblood series on tv. And trust me, if you like the show, you’ll loooooove the books. Eric is even sexier on the page, and there are pleeeeenty more sexy dudes that Sookie gets to know. Plus she’s far more bad ass than how they have portrayed her sometimes in the show.

Girl kicks ass.

Oh yeah, and my favourite beau makes a special appearance every once in awhile as the hilariously addled brained, Bubba. (Aka: Elvis.)

This Week

This week, or at least the next couple of days, I will be suggesting a few books series for those who want to get to know a bunch of characters and stick with them through thick and thin.

Please note, that all of these series are likely to be supernatural-types because I have a serious addiction to those type of books.

Also, if you have any suggestions for what I should be reading, please leave me a comment! I like to try to read outside of my comfort-zone. And after the book on Terry Fox that I am currently reading I will be aiming to read some of Louis L’Amours westerns! (My dad has an ENTIRE book shelf dedicated to him, so I figure I’ll take a gander.)



Emma–Jane Austen

Oiy. Vay.

‘Emma’ is a classic, as all of Janes books are, but for some reason I could not really get into this one. It’s about a young girl of about 21 who thinks she is a great matchmaker and continually tries to set up her friend Harriet Smith with the bachelors of her town. She steers Harriet away from her original love, Robert Martin, and tries to set her up with Mr. Elton, Mr. Churchill and then finally finds out that Harriet thinks she is in love with Mr. Knightley. (Harriet is around 18 I think, and Mr. Knightley is about 37.)

I did like this book for the most part, but Jane Austen goes a little nuts with the crazy annoying characters in here. Mrs. Elton I wanted to slap in the face, and Miss Bates, I admit, I eventually started skipping what she was saying all together because it started being jibberish.

Knightley is a total babe though, so I recommend this, the last 50 pages make it worth it.

P.S. I Love You–Cecilia Ahern

Here is a writer who makes me want to punch her in the face because she makes me cry so much. I’ve read some of her other books and each and every one has made me cry. Definitely one of my top favourite writers because she writes how I think.

I don’t know if I can express in words how much I love this book. When I watched the movie my sister and I bawled like WE had lost the loves of our lives. And reading the book, it was the same. Except that it was spanned out in two days of a crying fit that didn’t seem to stop until the last page.

This book is a good fit for someone who is in need of a serious crying jag. Curl up in a chair with a blanket on and hot chocolate, it’s a snuggler of a read.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes–Arthur Conan Doyle

These are his short stories, I really like them. I like a little mystery. At one time, I thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real person and that Arthur really knew him. Now I realize what I was really thinking when I thought that. Which is that books can really come alive to me. Sometimes more so than real people can.

Good read, recommend his series. It’s a good thing that Guy Ritchie made that movie or I would’ve never peaked an interest in Sherlock Holmes. It’s a good thing that lots of movies are being made from books. PS. I Love You is next on the reading list. I heard it’s way different than the movie.