Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business–Sonny West

This is obviously about Elvis and his life with Sonny West, one of his best friends and a member of the Memphis Mafia. I loved each and every second of this book, but I also have a big geek-on for Elvis and anything to do with him, so I WOULD nerd out about it.

I definitely recommend this to any Elvis fan, or Sonny West fan, which I am now proud to say I am. It has given me a new way of looking at Elvis (not just as the rock and roll God that he is, but as a real man) and shown me how he truly lived his life. It obviously takes a sad turn at the end and it’s heartbreaking to see how he got to that point.

But it also makes me feel like Elvis and I would’ve been really good friends if he were alive and I were to meet him. (He took care of girls like me like they were his little sister. )

Life’s That Way–Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver started writing nightly emails to his family and friends when him and his wife, Cecily Adams, were learning and going through her lung cancer diagnosis. Eventually this turned into more than 4000 people reading his email nightly.

This book is a memoir of the turmoil and pain they went through the year it happened and is one of the most fantastic and heartbreaking reads I’ve ever come across.

Since it’s real life, I don’t seem too concerned about Spoiler Alerts. Cecily died March 3rd 2004. She is survived by Jim and their daughter Madeline Rose.

This is a tearjerker people, made me cry like a little girl. Bring tissues.

Come to the edge.

Starting Over

Since my life is exceedingly boring I decided that instead of writing about that I’ll write about what I’m reading. Considering that is ffffaaaaaarrr more interesting than a random blog about how I cleaned my house once again today and my dog whizzed on the carpet AGAIN, that’s what I’ll be starting over with.

Enjoy the reviews of what I’m currently reading, and hey, maybe I’ll still find time to write in a recipe that is worth it.