Misery Reactions

I’m currently reading Stephen Kings Misery and I’m starting to get the feeling I’ll never finish it because I’m a huge chicken and it’s giving me heart palpitations.

Here is an abridged version of what my reactions have been throughout this book:

Oh that dude is screwed. This bitch is crazy. Ew. Ew. EW. WHAT ON EARTH?! WHY IS SHE DOING THAT?! *gags* *covers eyes* Oh, you are not getting out of this one Paul. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR DRUGS?! GET OUT OF THERE!!! Oh god oh god oh god oh god. No no no nonononono…She’s going to kill if you she finds out. She’s back oh god oh god oh god…*shrieks out loud and puts down book*.

I literally gagged and screamed. No joke, codeine in your coke.

Book Lover Addiction Patch

My aunt kindly sent this to me after I wrote a post on my Facebook wall about needing a new bookshelf already, after only five months of living in Vancouver I have managed to fill the one that was here with my thrift store finds and books I brought from home, clearly she’s right because I have an addiction, read if you think you might have a problem:




Constant vigilance can mean saving money too, guys. It’s okay to rent a book!

The Devil’s Teardrop–Jeffery Deaver

Su-spense. This book starts out with someone taking a machine gun to a bunch of innocents in a mall. Quite obviously you realize this book is going to be a thriller and scare the hell out of you.

            Special Agent Margaret Lukas has to call on a retired FBI document examiner Parker Kincaid in order to help with the case against one calling his friend The Digger. This man comes up with some creepy names for his villains, eh? The Digger, The Coffindancer, The Watchmaker. Freaky deaky!

  Anyway, so the accomplice to the Diggers murders leaves them a note saying that The Digger will continue to kill mass amounts of people every four hours unless they give him a certain amount of money. Typical greedy villains.

This plot already gets my heart pumping just reading it and then the plot thickens and stuff gets really insane.

   Definitely read it if you are into intrigue and a real mystery. Not to mention a little love sparks, and the Mayor gets a little badass at one point.

SKQ Reads: Spring 2013

I get updates on my favourite bands on Facebook, like most people should, and happily I just read this post by Sara of Tegan and Sara. She lists her current reading list and her post is over all cute and funny and exactly how I act when it comes to books.

She suggests books and tells you what they are like (sound familiar?) and I loved reading what one of my favourite singers is reading while traveling!

Enjoy her list, I’m going to check some of these out too!

SKQ Reads: Spring 2013.



Swiss Family Robinson–Johann David Wyss

Kindle read time! I’m not 100% sure what compelled me to read this other than that I had just read a book that didn’t make my top one hundred favourites. Plus I figure if I read a classic every four or five books then I’ll get through the greats in my lifetime.

            Too bad I have to suffer through some really terrible books before I get to the greats.

Question: If you had to bring one thing with you on a desert island, what would it be?

My answer: This book. Not because it’s my favourite book or anything, it’s well written, I enjoyed the hell out of it, but because of the well of information it is.

            It tells you how to make things in order to survive, gives you great tips on what to look for when you are searching for food, and the added bonus that it has adventure and a family that loves each other.

            At first I thought that my little cousin (who is eight) would really love this because he likes to make things and maybe could spend a summer playing Swiss Family Robinson in their backyard. Then as I got further on I realized, maybe I should wait until he’s ten to give him a copy. It would be a bit of a heavy read for a kid. (There’s some racial stuff in the beginning, just a little blip, but kids ask questions.) But even as an adult I really liked this book. And I know he’ll appreciate it later on.

            Sure, it dragged in some parts, but most classics do at some point. But about six pages from where it’s dragging he snaps you awake with something.

            My biggest problem with reading on my Kindle is that I miss flipping pages and being able to go back to a part that I didn’t know I would need later on without a bunch of button pressing.

            Either way, if you want to live on a deserted island, you should probably invest in this book. It’ll save your life.

(I also remember seeing the movie from the 60’s when I was a kid and dreaming that that would happen to me. Then I watched Lost and I decided I’m better off here. For the record, I’m only 26, I didn’t see this movie in the 60s. It was the 90s and I was at my Nonna’s house.)

Constant vigilance.