The Flying Troutmans–Miriam Toews

I first read “A Complicated Kindness” by her and immediately fell in love with her writing. It’s so interesting, and her story arcs aren’t complicated even though her characters are. The Flying Troutmans is about a woman who flies home to help her sister, who is bedridden and losing her mind, in order to watchContinue reading “The Flying Troutmans–Miriam Toews”

A Complicated Kindness–Miriam Toews

I loved this book. It was so well written and beautiful and sad and just everything, you know? It immediately made me a fan of Miriam Toews and I’ve had it on my shelf for years because my sister had been telling me it was one of her favourite books and it reminded her ofContinue reading “A Complicated Kindness–Miriam Toews”

Book Hunting

Day Two: Out with the sister in a new spot! Some books I’ve been looking for and others just by favourite authors I’ve stumbled upon! (Highest price yet, 23 bucks for 11 books)