That Time I Tried

…to give up caffeine. Hahahahahahaha. No. I give up giving up.   This week has been weird and short and long and brutal and yes. Yesterday I made the dumb decision to give up drinking Iced Capps for various reasons (sugar addiction, teeth staining, blah blah blah) but I’ve since decided ‘screw that’ since IContinue reading “That Time I Tried”

Holy Mamajama

The best thing happened to me today (and it was completely out of nowhere!) and I thought that I would share it with you! Remember that time that Cherie Currie messaged me about wanting to hug me back and thanking me for the review and positiveness? Yeah, that was two years ago, so I doubtContinue reading “Holy Mamajama”

Guts–Kristen Johnston

I am not a drug addict. But I AM an addict. I’m addicted to books, Facebook, Pinterest, sewing, knitting, singing, and so many other things. Poutine. I’m addicted HARD to poutine. And pizza. …I’m hungry. Just because I’m not addicted to drugs does not mean that I’m not an addict. We’re ALL addicts. That’s whatContinue reading “Guts–Kristen Johnston”