Ballroom Blitz

I’ve been pretty busy these last few mon–years. Things have gotten out of control and I’m only JUST starting to patch things together to make them workable. One of those things being writing “reviews”, which at this point they are more or less just blurbs on like “Read it if you feel like it” andContinue reading “Ballroom Blitz”

Shadow Spell–Nora Roberts

Shadow Spell is from the perspectives of Meara and Connor, Branna’s childhood friend and brother, as they go through the trials of fighting the ancient evil (still don’t remember his name haha) that has plagued the O’Dwyer family for centuries. I definitely like this one better, I found this pair more realistic than the forcedContinue reading “Shadow Spell–Nora Roberts”

Swiss Family Robinson–Johann David Wyss

Kindle read time! I’m not 100% sure what compelled me to read this other than that I had just read a book that didn’t make my top one hundred favourites. Plus I figure if I read a classic every four or five books then I’ll get through the greats in my lifetime.             Too badContinue reading “Swiss Family Robinson–Johann David Wyss”