Frostbitten–Kelley Armstrong

Every time the werewolves come back I get super excited. I may or may not be completely in love with Clay. Which would make him scowl and hate my guts if he was a real person. (There are probably some psychological issues of my own that I need to work out if I actually fallContinue reading “Frostbitten–Kelley Armstrong”

Midnight Sons–Debbie Macomber

I always expect Debbie Macomber to be like Jude Deveraux just because they are in the same genre. And I’m always surprised when she’s not, which is ridiculous and insane of me since I’ve read plenty of Judes and not a lot of Debbies. This book is about a town in Alaska (aptly named HardContinue reading “Midnight Sons–Debbie Macomber”