Beauty’s Punishment–Anne Rice

So sue me, I read the second one the second I put Lord of the Flies down. Maybe I just needed my sick violent nature sated (ew, I can’t believe I said that word) after there being no cannibals in the last book. I’m a perv, let’s move on. Haha  So nobody gets eaten inContinue reading “Beauty’s Punishment–Anne Rice”

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty–Anne Rice

*Fans self *  This book is for my lovely dirty birds. Now, you know I love a good dirty joke, a good dirty story, and a well-written book.  This didn’t have dirty jokes in it, but this book was really great! I kept seeing this book in thrift stores and I was wondering why thisContinue reading “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty–Anne Rice”

Book Hunting

I decided to take myself on a little artist date today and buys some books and supplies for making things later this week! Giant mess on my bed (and ignore my clean laundry pile) there’s some yarn for wash clothes, rocks for painting, crayons because I effin’ love colouring, and I bought a cactus justContinue reading “Book Hunting”

Book Hunting

Day Two: Out with the sister in a new spot! Some books I’ve been looking for and others just by favourite authors I’ve stumbled upon! (Highest price yet, 23 bucks for 11 books)

Summer Book List Part 2

Since I’m still reading ‘Unbearable Lightness’ by Portia de Rossi I thought I would give up the rest of my summer book list. The rest of these books I’m sure will be great as some of them are by my favourite authors, some are from authors who have slighted me in the past with lessContinue reading “Summer Book List Part 2”