Happy 8 Year Anniversary!

Holy crap.

I just got a notification from WordPress congratulating me on 8 years of writing on this blog.

8 years I’ve spent writing about books I’ve loved or hated, personal stories of triumph or failure, love and loss, book hunting, Keep Moving Forwards, True Story Tuesdays, or To Say a Little Words.

8 years of my life.

An inconsistent 8 years of writing on here, but still! That’s bananas.

So thank you all who have stuck with me, who have appreciated the posts, who have reached out to tell me how hilarious I am. I have a small fanbase, but I still appreciate it and am so grateful.

Here’s to you all! For putting up with my nonsense, my wisdom, my lies about when I’ll be posting, my long stretches of going MIA, and the grappling I do with books on a daily basis.

Here’s to books! Without them I would’ve beheaded someone a long time ago.

Constant vigilance!

Happy Five Years Guys!

Hey little ducks!

I just got a notification that I have officially been writing on my site for 5 whole years.

Now, I know I don’t have the biggest fan base out of any blogger I’ve met but I have more than I ever thought would be interested in my ramblings and nonsense and for that I thank you!

Thank you for sticking with me for these five years and your kind words and your nonsense sent back to me. And in general putting up with my lack of posting or paying attention to what I’m doing on here!

So grateful!

Constant vigilance! And here’s to another 5 years!


Happy Anniversary!

4 years ago on this day (apparently) I started my blog!

It has been interesting to say the least, I love the comments from random people, the input, the love, the fact that I’ve heard from Cherie Currie and Kristen Johnston and I still can’t get over it!

Thanks for sticking with me and putting up with my tirades, insanity, and general delinquency.

Constant vigilance until the end!