You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)–Felicia Day

I feel like I read a bunch of books all in a row that made me feel better as a human being. That made me want to TRY harder as a human being. And that made me realize that I am becoming my best self even if I’m scared to death half the time aboutContinue reading “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)–Felicia Day”

Keep Moving Forward: Fembots Have Feelings Too.

This week has been so overwhelming that I finally snapped last night after my lessons. Now, I’m not someone who cries easily, it takes a lot to get me to bawl my eyes out and have an anxiety attack. So that should show it’s been a tough month. We had a couple of hard thingsContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Fembots Have Feelings Too.”

Keep Moving Forward

Today I want to talk about hope. It seems to me that everyone I know is going through a rough time this year while I sit around holding onto my light beam of hope in the future and try to make them see the light too while also not letting my hope dwindle as everyoneContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”