The Lucky One–Nicholas Sparks

Three words: Zac. Efrons. Butt.  That’s all I think about when I think of The Lucky One. (and we are, aren’t we?) What an ASS that guy has. I wish my butt were nearly as sexy as that. He must do squats or something…I think those Sleeping Beauty books have changed me.  After reading aContinue reading “The Lucky One–Nicholas Sparks”

The Moon is Down–John Steinbeck

This is one of those books that I’ve had in my room forever and just have never gotten to it. It’s little, no more than 130 pages, and about WW2 and how the Nazis move in to take over a town. (‘The town’ as they call it, they aren’t very specific about where it is.Continue reading “The Moon is Down–John Steinbeck”