Dead Ever After–Charlaine Harris

What an ending. 

This was the very last in the Sookie Stackhouse books and I was actually rooting AGAINST Eric. Which is unheard of.

That man was a real dink by the end of this series. Which I guess was to be expected because he’s a vampire.

But all in all, after reading the entire series all in a row, I kind of didn’t hate the fairy storyline as much as I used to. It was shorter then I remember, which was nice, and I was really shocked by how the book before this one ended. 

Like SCARED of what was going to happen in the next book because a beloved character got murdered. 

BUT everything turns out okay and I LOVE who Sookie ended up with.

It made the most sense to me (and y’all know I love sense when it comes to romances.) and it was a truly loving relationship. 

So…after all these years: THANK YOU CHARLAINE.

You are magical. 

It was a fun spring and summer of reading this series once more.

(Editors note: [I’m the editor, so who knows why I wrote that] I read this LAST summer. That’s how far behind I am on these. We are well into November of 2019 guys. And I read this series summer of 2018. I’m trying so hard to get my shit together. It’s almost working. Also I thought I had way more books in this series to read, turns out I stopped one before the ending. How? I don’t know. But I really have to stop doing that. *I’m looking at you Outlander. Divergent. Robert Galbraith books.)

Constant vigilance!



Heaven Sent


The other day I went on a book hunt. Which quickly became my new favourite thing to do in Vancouver. I bought 11 books for 16 bucks. Three of which were only a dollar all together. And they are big names! The Red Tent, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Murder at the Vicarage for only one dollar! Not each! but all together! *insert fan girl screaming* THEN, I continued on from the little thrift store to a BIG thrift store where I spent an hour digging through their books. Literally digging. They had piles everywhere and by the time I left I had a stack that went up to my shoulder.

I even found a book that was a childhood love of mine! (Phantom by Susan Kay) Happily reunited with my lost love (for a dollar!) I kept looking and found others. I’m really excited to spend my summer book hunting.

It was the best day I’ve had here.

Constant vigilance!

Deadlocked–Charlaine Harris

All right. Champion of all champions, I finished the rest of the series and have finished now the recently published one.

Basically, this book was set out to ruin Sookie and Eric’s relationship. She catches him sucking some broads neck and gets pissed. Then the King of Louisiana/Arkansas/Nevada comes up…in order to ruin their relationship and figure out why his regent is dead.

Sookie’s fairy grandfather, Niall, comes back after closing up Fairy and tries to figure out who put a spell on his son Dermot (while still being a douche to Dermot. Makes me want to clobber him.).

Sookie gets a weird compact from her grandmother in a sewing dress pattern package (otherwise known as a cluviel dor) and fairies are again interested in what the hell is happening over at the little blond telepaths house.

I loved it and am deeply surprised by the ending and can’t wait until the next one. Again, girl needs to write faster.
(Impressed I posted on the date I set for it?! ME TOO! So it’s 10:30 at night, but still!!!! I MADE IT!!! Constant vigilance dirt bags.)

Sookie Stackhouse Summer Lovin’.

In true nerd fashion I started reading Deadlocked like a squealing school girl I was so excited. A new Sookie book!?! Sign me up! Whoopideeweeeee!!! (Insert a visual of me racing down the street a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)

I was already having a great summer drooling over the television show (which, let’s be honest is a little lacking this summer even though there were some touching moments and holy shit! Moments. I just started watching it for Alcide and Eric just to keep interested and man am I glad I did. Those boys worked it this summer and the ending was killer. Heh heh.)

Anyways, so I start Deadlocked and start thinking to myself…who the H.E.L.L. are all these people? I’m super confused (not surprising since I think George R.R. Martin has completely broken my brain. I don’t even remember what I do half the day anymore) and getting frustrated.

This is where I make the ultimate nerd decision: I have to re-read the entire series.

Y’all should know by now my love affair with Charlaine Harris runs deep and luxurious. Meaning this was no horrible and weary task for me.

I’m so happy that I spent this summer reading the books again because I got to enjoy my favourites and it was a fantastic refresher for things and people that aren’t in the show!

Although it got a little confusing every Sunday when I would watch Trueblood and be like Ehhh….waaaaiiit….what’s happening?

Separating the two was hard, but I pushed through.

I can’t even remotely believe how many characters I forgot about. Insanity.

Grave Secret–Charlaine Harris

I lied. I didn’t write to on the fourth. But truly, I was super busy! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Anyway, as I did promise a review on the series ending of the Harper Connelly books, here it goes:

In the series ender Harper and Tolliver are forced to look into their past and solve their sisters disappearance.

They also have to explain to their little sisters that they are dating and that some day they will get married. Bizarre.

Not to mention that Tollivers ex-drug addict dad is back in the picture. And he’s being a complete creep.

I found that this was a nice ending to the series and tied up all the loose ends. But I doubt that I’ll read about these characters again because the relationship was just too icky for me. I enjoyed the rest of it though besides that.

And lucky for me a new Sookie book is out so I can wash away my doubts and boohoos with Eric! Yay!


Summer Reading News

I’ve been noticing a lot of searches happening on my site for Rick Riordan and updates on what he’s doing. The easiest way to get this info would be to look on his website :

But, since I’m a huge fan I’ll write about him anyway. He has a ton of new books out this year and a movie next year! (Helllloooo, Nathan Fillion as Hermes in The Sea of Monsters. Love it.)

So Mr. Riordan actually has a new book out today! The Serpent’s Shadow is another in his Kane Chronicles and I’m happily going to pick it up at the bookstore!

Next up is a part of his Heroes series: The Demigod Diaries is out August 14th, 2012. It’s short stories, but I’ll be happy to read it nonetheless.

After that, this champion of writing, has The Mark of Athena coming out this fall of 2012. And I’m so stoked for it you have no idea.

And finally, after scouring his website I just discovered that the man has a bunch of books out for adults dating back to the 90’s. Heeellllllloooooo summer reading! Should make for a good time.

In other book news another of my favourite authors has a book out today: Charlaine Harris. Yes, you read me correctly, even after the icky-icks of her last series I will continue on with her Sookie Stackhouse books. Deadlocked is out today!!! Whoot whoot!

(Did I also mention that Kelley Armstrongs book ‘The Calling’ just came out as well? I’m four books away on my reading list and can’t wait…)

Those four books are the Game of Thrones series…so I won’t be seeing that one for weeks. And she has yet another book out this summer (July) called ‘Thirteen’. Very exciting stuff this year! At least for me…haha, all my favourite authors are coming out with new stuff. AH! I almost forgot, how embarrassing for me the biggest J.K. Rowling fan ever. Pottermore is open! AND she has a new coming for adults September 27th 2012 called The Casual Vacancy.

What’s on your summer reading list?

An Ice Cold Grave–Charlaine Harris

Yeah. She did it. She took it that next step of “ew”.

In this book she took it to like 82 different steps of “ew”, actually. Harper and Tolliver are set to find out what happened to a bunch of boys that have gone missing in the dead of winter. I can’t even tell you what happened because then (obviously) the plot is ruined and you won’t even read it.

Just put on a helmet for all the horribleness and hopefully that’ll block it some. She’s a fantastic writer and skirts around the big bad so you know what happens but you don’t want to stab out your minds eye.

Unless of course the fact that she makes the two leads get it on and they’ve considered each other brother and sister since their teens bothers you. It gives me a serious case of the heebeejeebees even though I know, I KNOW they are not blood related.

But they have two sisters that have a blood line with both of them! GROSS! …I need to keep reminding myself that I love her. I love Charlaine and her writing and this book is as bad as it gets in all cases and the rest are good and …and..and…

Okay. I’ll stop.

Constant vigilance.

Grave Surprise–Charlaine Harris

Harper Connelly is back in ‘Grave Surprise’ and her brother Tolliver Lang (step-brother) continues to travel with her and help people find out what happened to their loved ones.

In this book Harper is asked to go to a university’s grave yard and show off her skills. (The professor is not a believer and is set out to ruin her reputation. She knows this and loves the challenge to prove him wrong.)

You should know that I, too, have a sixth sense.

Most people can tell when danger is coming in a book, when something doesn’t seem right, when things start to get a little suspicious.

Well, my talent extends to knowing that there will be incest in a book. It’s a terrible talent, but has kept the ‘ick’ factor from throwing up because technically, I saw it coming and put up the necessary blocks.

Ok, ok, so it’s not really incest if it’s her stepbrother. In this book though, nothing even happens. It’s just when the sixth sense started t kick in.

Even Charlaine Harris wouldn’t do something that bizarre right? Right?!

Grave Sight–Charlaine Harris

Harper Connelly is a medium. Technically.

This character can sense what happened to dead people. She stands over their graves, or can sense their bodies from a distance and tell you what happened in the moments of their deaths.

She travels around with her brother Tolliver, who has a badass mustache. Also, Harper was hit by lightning as a teenager which is how she got her powers. There’s also a hot cop in this. (Or at least I assume he’s hot. My imagination used Tony from Shameless. Haha.)

I really enjoyed this one, I usually like the introductory phases in Charlaines books and this one was so intriguing that I pretty much read it cover to cover.

Great start to a series and a good new voice.