Charlie and the Chocolate Factory–Roald Dahl

Contrary to what I’ve been writing about Roald Dahl’s books on here (those were the questionable ones to be sure) I do actually enjoy his writing. It is not really for toddlers, but I should’ve probably knew they weren’t going to be. My bad.

However, this book was totally lovely! Just as I remember it.

Funny story: One of my cousins that I look after, his school makes it mandatory to go to the library (as they should) and one day they were having a Free Books day for the old books to leave the school. Everyone got to take home whatever they wanted. He chose ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. It was busted and old and has an old school hardcover.

He thought it was really cool that there was even a library card in the back with all these peoples names on them.

I read through them and realized not only did I start recognizing the names of some of the students, but I recognized their handwriting! Some of the names it was hard not to given that they had written down their quite obvious nicknames. And in between all those was a name written in in pencil:

“Allison”. Full with the funny ‘A’ I used to do and my attempt at cursive.

I had read that book when I was his age and now he was holding a piece of my history. How weird is that? Weird and cool.

Anyway, THIS is a safe book to read to your kids. It’s just as sweet as we remember and quirky too. Definitely pass this one down, or snuggle up with your kids for it.


Chocolat–Joanne Harris

Oo la la, what a good book to follow up HP and the OotP! Double hitter in the “Getting Alli to Read” campaign!

 I had watched the movie, loooooved the movie. The movie made me fat that’s how much I loved it. Sold me with Johnny Depp and then it was just a winner winner all around!

The book was so beautiful! Lovely story, lovely way it was written, and just overall five star everything. It was something that you want to curl up with in a snuggly sweater and drink hot chocolate with. (Homemade hot chocolate, with a box of chocolates, and maybe a cake pop or two. Or seven.)

The story is that a woman and her daughter move to a teeny tiny town in France and open up a chocolate shop. The place is viewed as a sinners den due to it being Lent and she is just tempting people. The priest in this book is out to get her and then a bunch of gypsies show up and the town is in a whirlwind of aggression towards them.

 If anything, this book made me want to open a chocolate shop and be a gypsy at the same time. I even made Sim gypsies that lived on a houseboat and it was so much fun.

 Love this book. I’m going to buy some chocolates now, see ya!