Last Chance Dragons

I read ‘Eragon’, and I have the other two (Brisingr and Eldest) but I’m having a seriously hard time convincing myself to read them because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eragon. It was decent, made more for teenagers, so what I’m offering here is someone a chance to tell me if they loved themContinue reading “Last Chance Dragons”

Eragon–Christopher Paolini

The tale of a young boy and his dragon. You would think that I would be super into it. I love heroic tales, I love dragon tales, and I love dragon tails. (Word play, get into it.)    Maybe I’ve just read too many amazingly mind blowing fantasy books, but this wasn’t one of myContinue reading “Eragon–Christopher Paolini”

Technology Blues

I’m having a hard time getting up the gumption to read Christopher Paolini’s book ‘Eragon”. Once I start I’m totally fine, but I only make it a few pages before I distract myself. The most annoying thing is that it’s not a bad story. I like where it’s going, but for some reason my handsContinue reading “Technology Blues”