Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm–Kate Douglas Wiggin

Grain of salt here: This is a children’s book. And I usually don’t like childrens books that are classics just because I find them quite boring and like nothing happens. (Generational gap, I suppose.) This was no exception. It’s about a little girl who is lovely, but a bit of a show off. She isContinue reading “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm–Kate Douglas Wiggin”

The Jungle Book–Rudyard Kipling

We all know what The Jungle Book is about yes? Okay. I really liked it, but I don’t know that I should’ve been reading it to my little cousin. There’s a lot of carnage in here. Like a lot. It even had a drawing in there of a dead/dying animal. It was not okay. However,Continue reading “The Jungle Book–Rudyard Kipling”

George’s Marvellous Medicine–Roald Dahl

Sigh. Here’s another interesting book by Roald Dahl. And wildly inappropriate for a kid. I have to keep reminding myself that these are not meant for Daryl’s age group (Being 3 years old.) . That they are meant for older kids. But I also don’t appreciate what this one was saying to that age groupContinue reading “George’s Marvellous Medicine–Roald Dahl”

Girl With A Pearl Earring–Tracy Chevalier

I love her. Love, love, love Tracy Chevalier and her writing. I read Burning Bright a million years ago and I fell in love. Then I read Remarkable Creatures, and still, love. And now Girl with a Pearl Earring, admittedly I was a little worried since Scarlet Johansson played Griet in the movie, but thisContinue reading “Girl With A Pearl Earring–Tracy Chevalier”

Monday Morning

After a weekend of trying to be handy and helpful (ie. Helping with Christmas-type things.) and failing because I’m a selfish person who likes her time alone and finds everything grating after doing it for more than a half hour in any store, I turned to reading as my solace. If you have me onContinue reading “Monday Morning”

As You Like It–William Shakespeare

Admittedly, I forgot about you guys this week. Everyone has been sick in the office and I’ve had a million things to do to get ready for Christmas! (Yeah, that’s already started.) But even so, I finally remembered! Friday isn’t so bad right? Anywho: I’m not 100% that there was a real plot here. IContinue reading “As You Like It–William Shakespeare”

Angela’s Ashes–Frank McCourt

Whomp whomp. What a downer of a book. Hahahaha, before you get all in my face about it and the obviousness of that statement, let me just say, I DID enjoy reading this book. The writing was fantastic, the retelling of his life was done very well especially since most of the stories were fromContinue reading “Angela’s Ashes–Frank McCourt”

Emma–Jane Austen

Oiy. Vay. ‘Emma’ is a classic, as all of Janes books are, but for some reason I could not really get into this one. It’s about a young girl of about 21 who thinks she is a great matchmaker and continually tries to set up her friend Harriet Smith with the bachelors of her town.Continue reading “Emma–Jane Austen”