13–Kelley Armstrong

Holy. Mother. Of. Sanity.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotion, adventure, and worry.

You know when you reach the end of a series and you just know, you just know that the author is going to eviscerate all your loved ones? How could they ALL survive what’s going to happen? They can’t. They just simply can’t.

Everyone has already lost so, so much, and then this book comes along and it’s the end of the series. (Although Kelley has promised that she’s not done writing their adventures in short story compilations, graphic novels, or novellas.)

This book was by far the most brilliantly written of the lot. She tied everything and everyone together so wonderfully at the end that I felt like crying just from how great that was to see in writing.

Everyone is back, and the way she wrote out the chapters was exactly what I needed. She made sure you got to see everybody, say your goodbyes, see them at their best and their worst, and just all around action packed like they have never been before.

This was the most well formed “Goodbye” I’ve ever read of a series.

(Okay, it’s tied with Harry Potter, but you get what I’m saying.)

You not only get to hear from your favourite characters, but you get to hear from Kelley herself as she writes us a foreword and a final note. It was beautiful. Just beautiful.

So great, I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Constant vigilance.


Frostbitten–Kelley Armstrong

Every time the werewolves come back I get super excited. I may or may not be completely in love with Clay.

Which would make him scowl and hate my guts if he was a real person. (There are probably some psychological issues of my own that I need to work out if I actually fall for people like that in real life.)

What I like the most about him is his love for Elena and how it’s so steady even when they are fighting. …So that really doesn’t lend to my theory that I have a problem then.

Plus I love that he’s sarcastic as fuck. He’s more of a kindred spirit than a potential love interest for me then.

…I realize what I’m writing sounds completely insane because he’s a fictional character, but these are the things I think about. So fuck off.

So, this book is about the pair of them hunting down mutts in Alaska. But not just mutts, crazy Russian mutts who are known rapists and sadists.

Not to mention there is a werewolf living in the woods with a wolf pack. A legit animal wolf pack, not just a werewolf pack.

And this crazy half man half wolf half bear (wait…that’s too many halves…) attacking things in the woods as well.

Shit gets crazy and I loved it.

Constant vigilance.


Broken–Kelley Armstrong

The werewolves are back! The werewolves are back!

I love my wolf pack.

Honestly, I look forward to seeing them throughout the series more than any other characters, but I’m really glad that this series isn’t completely revolving around them. Kelley Armstrong writes in such a way that I’ll always be intrigued by this series. She keeps you on your toes!

“Broken” is about my beloved wolf pack, and things are changing. (Pun not completely intended.)

Remember Xavier? He was from “Stolen”, he was that dingaling teleporter that is really only after things for himself? Couldn’t really care about anyone unless they could do something for him?

Well. He’s back and he’s asking Elena and Clay’s help in stealing the “From Hell” letter that is rumoured to contain Jack the Ripper.

Go figure that they accidentally open a portal and unwittingly let him out.

The real problem with this? There are all sorts of diseases that come from Victorian England and Elena has a little parasite of her own happening.

She’s pregnant. Naturally, Clay is worried as fuck.

Great writing, one of my favourite books as you get to see this couple work together again and do battle, but also that you get to see Elena trying to act in the best interest of her future kids instead of just herself and Clay.

Loved it. Constant vigilance!


Stolen–Kelley Armstrong

Humans aren’t in the know when it comes to supernatural beings. We are focused on the lore and the materialistic side of it: ie. What could powers DO for me?

In the second of the Otherworld series we are back with the werewolves and Elena Michaels has been captured by a duel working team of supernatural’s and humans. Working to find out all they can and exploit all they can in an under ground facility where they study supernatural’s. The humans are closing in.

Elena, being the only female werewolf, is in high demand since women rarely survive being bitten and are certainly not born with the gene. Being a werewolf is a boys club.

We’ve all likely read something where people or things are being experimented on, it all sounds familiar right? Under ground? Scientists? Humans pushing the limits?

This is a book, while using all the classic scare tactics such as the poking and prodding of science, that also uses the dark side of human nature. Very well written, fresh, and down right stressful while also providing heart warming moments.

I love Elena. She feels like a real person even though she is a werewolf, she admits to being scared, she has panic attacks, she has real people flaws that I enjoy reading about.

Good stuff. (This is why I’m rereading the series book by book instead of just the new ones.)

Constant vigilance.

Stolen - Kelley Armstrong

Bitten–Kelley Armstrong

We’ve met, so you know that I need to reread a series before I continue on with the latest book. Well, I haven’t read her two latest novels, and I have a slight problem:

This series is 13 regular books long and in tow with those 16 short story filled books. And as I’m Googling to see what’s up with her and the correct chronological order, I’ve noticed that since I thought she only had two new books out: she’s published four more.

What the hell!!!

But it’s too late, I’ve already started. I mean, I’m only on the second one, but like I said: I’m a purest.

So here I am reading this series for probably the fourth time and it’s made me realize something pretty important:

I love the hell out of these characters. She still got me when one of my favourite characters dies, even though I planned on skimming the books I’ve already read she still sucked me in with her amazing storytelling, and even though I know the first book backwards and forwards Bitten was still a great book to read.

Valentine’s Horror

What’s this?! You don’t have the love of your life running around getting you flowers and candy and an extremely thoughtful gift that you didn’t even know that you wanted until they handed it to you?! OH. MY. GIDEONS. THE HORROR!!!!

Well. I’m here to save the day little ducks. Being a perpetually single girl for the last twenty odd years and spending the first ten of that a boohoo festival that I didn’t have a boyfriend to love and shower me with presents, I’ve come up with some coping mechanisms that have just become who I am. (Because honestly, I’m fantastic and if boys don’t see that, well, their loss babe! It would probably also help if you are an introvert and actually like being in a room by yourself…if not, then I can’t help you. I’m not Oprah.)

Anyway, here they are, a la my insane brain:

1)Fictional boyfriends replace real people.

2)That was actually it. That’s how I deal with my lack of real boyfriends.

3)Okay, sometimes I eat my feelings…

Well…that was sad. But only if you aren’t completely deranged like I am. (ooooo using my own title in my post, that never happens!) Anyway, how about a list of my fictional boyfriends that will usher your through your singledom/Valentines day in general even if you have a boyfriend. (Who knows, he could be a real disappointment and you need some Mr. Darcy.)

Fictional Boyfriends:

1)Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) [Every girls dream/nightmare rolled into one.]

2)Gerry (P.S. I Love You.) [Okay, don’t read this today. Nobody needs to be traumatized like this today. But he’s a dreamboat so I added him.]

3)Every man from a Jude Deveraux book ever written. (See Love Stories for my suggestions)

4)The Weasley boys. (That’s right! If you don’t want to read an ooey gooey romance today than I [as always] suggest Harry Potter to see all different kinds of love so that you realize you are not alone. Family, friends, bromances, etc.)

5)Clay. (Women of the Otherworld series [Oh Clay. Dreamboat Level 100. He’s gruff and manly. Who could ask for more?]

So, if those boys don’t help and you are still stumped as to what you should read and are still in a depressing state of sad sackery, than I suggest watching a movie or television.

And for that I say: Supernatural and Firefly. A little Dean, Sam, and Castiel always perk me right up! And the good ol’ Capt.

As for me, I’ll be spending my Valentines with some very special people close to my heart: My Nonno and Nonna, my little cousins, and my girls from college. (Who funnily DO have boyfriends they are serious with and are okay with postponing Valentines Day.) That’s what I call True Love.

Constant vigilance.

(Ps. Don’t you even remotely think of touching anything relating to Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey. I will find you and destroy them.)