Lean Mean Thirteen–Janet Evanovich

I’ve been through a lot with these characters. 13 books worth! Jeez Louise. Clearly you should be reading them.    In all honesty, with the high stakes game that I play on Good Reads, these short and sweet books are my pinch hitters, my cheat sheets, and my all around sneaky sneaks when I’m fallingContinue reading “Lean Mean Thirteen–Janet Evanovich”

Psycho: Ed Gein–Paul Anthony Woods

It’s pretty much a given that when anyone talks about Ed Gein I get shivers up my spine. I have a strong aversion to murderers and serial killers. But I have this sickness where I need to read about them. I need to know what makes these people tick…how to spot them…I think my subconsciousContinue reading “Psycho: Ed Gein–Paul Anthony Woods”

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde–R.L. Stevenson

I’m going to start off by saying that I really did like this book. I’m a fan of Robert Louis Stevenson and really enjoy his writing style. However, this was definitely not my favourite of his. I enjoyed reading the story about how this book came to be far more than the actual story. (HeContinue reading “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde–R.L. Stevenson”

Three to get Deadly–Janet Evanovich

 This time around Stephanie is on the hunt for a sweetheart old ice cream parlor/candy shop owner. (He was carrying a concealed weapon like most people in Stephanie’s neighbourhood and was dinged by a newbie cop.) More Lula, more Joe Morelli, more explosions, and tons of dead drug dealers. This girl is an accidental hitContinue reading “Three to get Deadly–Janet Evanovich”

Two for the Dough–Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum again. Love her. Addicted to her. Still falling off things and getting her car blown up. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this series until Katherine Heigl was in a damn movie about it! (Haven’t seen the movie, just for the record.) In this book we (thankfully) get to be friends withContinue reading “Two for the Dough–Janet Evanovich”

One for the Money–Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum was in lingerie. Uhh…that sounded awkward. The lingerie buying business is what I meant to write. Anyway, turns out girl gets laid off and has to start working for her cousin Vinnie as a bounty hunter. Stephanie reminds me of my sister. Tall, big boobs, falls over a lot. Definitely my sister. NotContinue reading “One for the Money–Janet Evanovich”

Poppy Done to Death–Charlaine Harris

Holy infidelity Batman! Chockerbock FULL of skankiness this book was extremely well plotted and enjoyable.   Aurora’s sister in law gets murdered and lucky her, she finds her dead body. After that Aurora finds out that Poppy and her husband John David basically have a horrendous marriage where they are consistently cheating on each otherContinue reading “Poppy Done to Death–Charlaine Harris”

Last Scene Alive–Charlaine Harris

Hunky writer Robin Crusoe is back. He wrote about his adventures with Aurora in the first book and they are now being made into a movie. The problem is…the lead actress who was going to play Aurora’s character was bludgeoned to death with an Emmy.   Aurora and Robin reunite in order to figure outContinue reading “Last Scene Alive–Charlaine Harris”

A Fool and His Honey–Charlaine Harris

Aurora and her husband Martin are going through a tiny rough patch. They don’t see each other as often as they would like but are going to try and make the effort.  Then Martins niece Regina shows up with her baby…her baby that no one knew she had or even know that she was pregnantContinue reading “A Fool and His Honey–Charlaine Harris”

Dead Over Heels

What has Aurora done to deserve such a life full of death? Apparently someone is out to get her (again) and they are doing some super creepy things to get her attention.  She’s getting those weird phone calls where you know someone is on the other line, her cat shows up with a ribbon aroundContinue reading “Dead Over Heels”