A Simple Favor–Darcey Bell

The first for the new book club! (Check on instagram for @derangedbookclub where I post all about books and do a live book club at the end of each month.) [Editors Note: DerangedBookClub has since been cancelled because I got too busy with schoolwork and trying to become a librarian. However. I stand by theContinue reading “A Simple Favor–Darcey Bell”

The Bend in the Road–Nicholas Sparks

I needed this book after I read Marilyn Mansons book.  I needed to scrub my brain for awhile.  So this is (naturally) a romance about how a mans wife was ended in a hit and run, she was the love of his life and nothing will ever be the same.  Insert:  His kids hot teacher.Continue reading “The Bend in the Road–Nicholas Sparks”

The First Year

Today marks the first anniversary of Doomsday’s death. An anniversary that I actually never thought would come. I figured she would live until I died and then we would enter the ether together. Like a wizard and their Patronus. Instead she was handed to me by a heartbroken vet into my openly weeping embrace. IContinue reading “The First Year”

Black Beauty–Anna Sewell

This might seem like an odd choice for me since I’m not a 9 year old girl with a horse obsession. And if you ARE…don’t read this book kid. You’ll cry yourself to sleep. I read books to my little cousin so he falls asleep at nap time to something magical. My voice. Haha. IContinue reading “Black Beauty–Anna Sewell”

A Year of Pleasures–Elizabeth Berg

I literally bought this book because it has pie on the cover. That was 100% the reason. And thankfully, pie did not disappoint. This book is about a widow (common theme with my books these days) who is literally looking for simple pleasures in life in order to move forward from her husbands death. WithContinue reading “A Year of Pleasures–Elizabeth Berg”

Keep Moving Forward: Two Weeks

As if it’s been two weeks since I had to say goodbye to Doomsday. I said I was going to talk about it sooner, but I wasn’t quite ready for it. It’s been a very weird experience, and I think I finally understand what people are talking about when they say “loss”. I used toContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Two Weeks”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up–Theresa Caputo

I read this as a joke. I bought it for my dad for Christmas because he used to watch Long Island Medium all the time and got a real kick out of Theresa. For those of you who don’t know, Theresa communicates with passed over loved ones through someone she calls “Spirit” and relays messagesContinue reading “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up–Theresa Caputo”