Keep Moving Forward: Hey sister, Soul sister.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve been doing some self love stuff. Now, I’ve been following the lights one of my friends is leaving on her path, I’m not sticking completely to her road since I like to make my own, and I know that following other peoples journeys isn’t mine, but here isContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Hey sister, Soul sister.”

Keep Moving Forward

Time. It’s important. It’s precious, big, small, hours, minutes, seconds. They all count. Literally. (haw haw.) Dreams are even more important. And let’s be real here, you are never too old, too young, too dumb, or too small (or big) to achieve your dreams. Cornball city, I know. But for me, without my dreams nothingContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

Thanks for the Memories–Cecelia Ahern

Another author that pretty well guarantees me a good book even if some of her endings piss me off.             This is about a man who donates blood (he’s scared of needles so it’s a big deal) and then wants to know who his life saving gift went to. Then magic happens and he startsContinue reading “Thanks for the Memories–Cecelia Ahern”

Murder at the Vicarage–Agatha Christie

My first Agatha Christie! This book selection is brought to you by…guess: Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun whoooooeeeeoooooooooooo. That was supposed to be the musical intro to Doctor Who, but I failed at it. Weeeell, not really. Weeeelll, I could quote Doctor Who all day. But I will stop and tell you justContinue reading “Murder at the Vicarage–Agatha Christie”

Hamlet–William Shakespeare

Since watching Doctor Who I’ve been getting more into my historical figures and after seeing his episode with (no, not Shakespeare) Charles Dickens I remembered that I needed to read more classics. (That’s always the way with me.)             So I took to Hamlet with a passion! (All my Charles Dickens book are in Ontario.)Continue reading “Hamlet–William Shakespeare”