Keep Moving Forward

I can’t sleep lately and it’s for the dumbest reason possible. Not something I like admitting has been plaguing my thoughts for weeks (years more likely) and I’m starting to get so mad at myself that I can’t sleep. I’m not losing weight. There it is in all its pathetic glory. Those four stupid wordsContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

Me and the Big Guy Upstairs

Otherwise known as ‘Papa G’. Tomorrow is the start of Lent and although I’m not the most Catholic of Catholics I still love Lent and Easter. I like new beginnings. (Hate endings, go figure.) Three years ago I decided that I was going to stop giving up things for Lent and instead researched what LentContinue reading “Me and the Big Guy Upstairs”

To Say A Little Word…

Here’s Skinny Bitch: “Brace yourselves, girls: Soda is liquid Satan. It is the devil. It is garbage. There is nothing in soda that should be put into your body.” Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin (They then go on to tell you how an element of aspartame when ingested turned into formaldehyde inContinue reading “To Say A Little Word…”