Summer Book List

Summer is fast approaching (YAY!) and I figure you’re all looking for something to read (duh.). I have tons of lists of all the books I have read, loved, hated, what types they are, and at one point what was on my personal book list was (which I have recently surpassed. Another ‘YAY!’).

      What I have not given you is a list of what is on my personal summer reading list, and they look to be something fierce in the awesome department. Here we go with a solid starting point: 

1)Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris at my count from here I see 8 books there in the series. Short and sweet like her Sookie Stackhouse ones.

2)Elvis: My Best Man–George Klein

3)Sweet Liar–Jude Deveraux

4)Unbearable Lightness–Portia De Rossi

5)Stories for Late at Night–Alfred Hitchcock

6)Elixir–Hilary Duff  (don’t laugh at me, I heard it was good.)

7)London–A.N. Wilson

8)The Moon is Down–John Steinbeck

9)Jaws-Peter Benchley

10)My Booky Wook Two: This time it’s personal–Russell Brand

       Obviously there will be more, but I think 10 will suffice for now. Again, if you want me to build you a summer reading list than let me know! 😀 I’d be more than happy to do that.

 Is there anything you think I should be reading? What’s on your list this summer?

Summer Reading Startup

I promise I won’t be losing a nut over Jude Deveraux’s books for the top of my summer reading list this whole time. I’ll get it out of the way now and say that she definitely has a bunch that are great for reading on the beach, then again, what love story isn’t great for reading on the beach?

        Some of her books are called “Pocketbooks” which really does make it easier to travel with them…and even though it would kill me, they aren’t the kind of books that other people would feel bad about leaving behind on a trip to save room for souvenirs.

That being said here are some of my favourite summer books :

            1)Pride and Prejudice (everyone needs a little romance in the summer.)

            2)The Sookie Stackhouse series (Easy reads and funny, light to carry around, but you wouldn’t want to ditch them on trips because you’ll read them again and again. I think I’ve read this whole series twice now and plan another trip through it hopefully this summer!)

            3)Harry Potter is a must because the movies usually come out during the fall, so I spend some of my summer getting back into my favourite book series and preparing myself. This year though I think I’ll only be reading the last one before Part 2 comes out…but you never know, I am partial to tradition.

            4)The Host–Stephanie Meyers: Great story, great characters, hard decisions being made and a confusing mystery. Heavy book though, not easy to travel with, but worth it I think.

          5)Twilight. I’m sorry, I know I rag on Twilight now, but I’m mainly disappointed with the movies. Which somehow in turn made me look at the books and go “blech”, but I actually read the first couple twice in a row because I loved them so much. I’m a girl, what can I say?

        6)Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business—I carried this book around for weeks last summer, not because it was hard to read, but because Biographies are a great idea for the summer. Especially about people you know a bit about already, you aren’t losing the thread of the story or anything like that. Easy to keep track of.

       7)The Women of the Otherworld series–Big, but light books and too good to not read. I have a bunch of books by the same author on my shelf and I can’t waaait to get to them this summer!

   Alright. So I know that this is cheating because my summer list is a lot like all my other lists. All that you have to remember for the summer is take books on trips that you won’t feel bad about leaving behind (unless they are library books.) but that are still good reads. If you have no idea what you are looking for when it comes to that kind of book, let me know and I’ll try to be more specific for you!

           I think summer is the time to get back into supernatural books (not that I really stopped) and have stories full of love.

Oh and I hear that Nicholas Sparks has some real gems when it comes to summer reading. Take a look into him and Cecelia Ahern, Charlaine Harris’ other series, and throw in some Jude Deveraux and Kelley Armstrong and guaranteed a summer of good books and lots of love and fun.

Odd Thomas-Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is about a twenty-something year old boy who can see the dead. Unfortunately the dead can’t talk. All he sees are imprints of their souls and he has to figure out why they are there and help get them to where they belong on the other side.

His girlfriend Stormy is among the group that helps him to solve murder cases and she is one of my favourite characters in any book I’ve read.

And again, my favourite beau makes a couple of appearances in this series as a ghost. Elvis was a prankster and even in death likes to goof around with Odd Thomas.

Loop me in odd one.