Broken–Kelley Armstrong

The werewolves are back! The werewolves are back! I love my wolf pack. Honestly, I look forward to seeing them throughout the series more than any other characters, but I’m really glad that this series isn’t completely revolving around them. Kelley Armstrong writes in such a way that I’ll always be intrigued by this series.Continue reading “Broken–Kelley Armstrong”

V for Vendetta–Alan Moore and David Lloyd

       V for Vendetta is my favourite movie, has been for years, I’ve adored V for what seems like a ten years. But I never got around to buying the graphic novel or reading it.     Finally, I found some money and forked it over. I’m really glad that I did because this was justContinue reading “V for Vendetta–Alan Moore and David Lloyd”

London:A History–A.N. Wilson

When I was eighteen I went through a phase of buying books about the U.K. so I could brush up for my trip. I figured if I knew about the cities and everything I would be more fascinated by what was around me.    Like Oh! This is William Wallaces monument! (Found a picture ofContinue reading “London:A History–A.N. Wilson”